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Originally Posted by hoorta View Post
Like I said earlier, whatever floats your boat. Guess what I'm really trying to say is if you went HD 8 years back (I did in 2004) and look at the market penetration of HD sets- Do they even sell SD anymore? to where we are in 2011- my crystal ball says 3D won't come anywhere close to that level 8 years down the road. Maybe I'm wrong- but personally, 3D in it's current state leaves me underwhelmed. Not into the occasional eye candy of something apparently floating a foot in front of my nose, and 75% of the rest looking quite 2D-ish.. Wake me up when they perfect holographic projection. Despite Uni's protestations- I did a quick survey at work today, and I'd say the majority of the folks polled have a similar opinion- and a bunch of them certainly have the discretionary income to buy 3D products.

Yeah, I can see if you're a hard-core gamer (I'm not) it would be really cool- that IMHO will certainly drive the market. The lack of standardization is going to scare a lot of people off- unless like some of the posters here- it's gotta have technology, and you don't particularly care how often you're going to be swapping out monitors to keep up.
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