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Originally Posted by hoorta View Post
You have any hard figures on that, or is it just an opinion?

A quick perusal of some on line polls looks like about 50% of people don't like the glasses (and I'd bet the figure is a lot higher for us double glasses folk) and since the technology is proprietary, IMHO it's not going anywhere until it's standardized. Blu-Ray HDDVD all over again.

More people that want to complain about something will post, but people that it doesn't bother at will not, that is why it appears to you that 50% don't like the glasses, for the vast majority it doesn't bother them at all or at least so little they can easily tolerate it.

BTW, the seat belt analogy is not relevant, I can drive a car not using a seat belt- but I can't see past the hood without glasses.
So you're one of the few people that are not uncomfortable driving without a seatbelt but watching a 3D film with glasses even though you wear glasses makes you uncomfortable.

That does make you part of the minority.
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