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How can anyone watch standard def?

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HAHAHA, I know this is old, but I enjoy posting when I am bored. Yes, if you are subscribed to this thread and will see the replies, definitely upgrade to an HD receiver with Dish if you have not in the year since you posted this, lol. I made the mistake of switching back to Suddenlink cable from Dish Network to save some money after my 2 yr. deal was up with them, but I am going to downgrade my internet speed w/ Suddenlink from 10 to 3mbps and switch back to Dish. Suddenlink only does 720p and 1080i for their HD while Dish does 1080i and 1080p, plus I miss the dual room DVR. Although, now we have 2 HDTVs in the house and I just may get a regular HD receiver for the bedroom and an HDDVR for the living room.
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