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Default Vizio Audio analog (red & white RCA jacks) output problem

I bought an E550VL at Sams on 11-28-2010. I am now having an Audio analog (red & white RCA jacks) output problem. I hooked up my Sennheiser headphones, and it worked great, but the next day one of the headphone channels dropped out, i thought it was a loose connection to the VCR composite RCA plugs, because when i wiggled it at the VCR the sound came back on. But it has happened two more times, and not only when using the VCR, but also in HDMI-1 mode at the timeWarner set top box. The second time this happened it seemed as though i had fixed it by switching between fixed and variable on the Audio Advanced menu, but it has happened again, and that fix is not working, instead after I fiddled with the advanced audo fixed vs. variable to no avail. a minute later, inexplicably both channels chimed in, I was on the Hdmi-1 when it came back. A week later and it is still happening but not all the time, sometimes it takes 30-60 seconds to get the headphones to work, other times they come on right away, sand sometimes only one left or right chanel works, but eventually they will both come on. On the plus side, once they finally connect, they do stay connected. I too dread lugging this 55" monster back to the store, possibly only to get another one with the same problem!?
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