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Originally Posted by Cygnus View Post
Anyone watching this series on AMC? Pilot episode was OK, a little boring at times. This week's episode got much more interesting. I want to see how the story and chars unfold. io9 is reporting that AMC has confirmed that The Walking Dead has been renewed for an extended 2nd season.
Waz up Cygnus? I started watching because of your thread. It's really good, and I'm not a fan of zombie genre films. Sarah from "Prison Break" is it it, and I like her, also the black dude from 'Jericho" is in it. I was surprised that they only had 6 epi's, but they did the same thing with Breaking Bad too.

This show is well written, and intriguing. I watched the marathon on Sun to catch up with what I missed. Breaking Bad will be on every Weds too. I like rewatching really good tv shows.

Thanks for the heads up dude

BTW, I was so upset about the horse. He was just chillin in his field, and this mo fo just had to ride him to the city, yes?

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