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Originally Posted by Bigloww View Post
If you mean using the little 3.5 mini jack to your receiver with a rca plug adater, no, you will not get DD 5.1 only PCM 2 channel stereo.. But can do PLII sudo surround which is better than no surround at all. Your laptop is HDMI out correct? If so and it does audio through the sound card, just connect that to your receiver if it has HDMI. If your receiver does not have HDMI, then you can get an external sound card with toslink/optical that supports DD 5.1 like this 1 for $45.

They also have cheaper "USB stick" models.

I know my best choice is to have a HDMI-HDMI and connect it from my computer to te receiver but my receiver does not support HDMI And it only has 1 toslink/optical input and it's used for PS3 already.

But I do have S/PDIF Jack in the back of my computer and I don't know if I can use that to get real 5.1 surround sound.

Below are 2 images showing my PC and Receiver:
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