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Originally Posted by UtahJ View Post
Hello all....

I stumbled upon this thread when my 606 started exhibiting the same symptoms everyone has experienced.

I replaced all ten 100uF caps and added the four "jumper" caps for good measure. I've been soldering for many years and everything seemed to go well until I plugged the unit in.

When I plug it in I get the standby light, but when I push the power button, I get nothing but clicking. The relay clicking is the one on the power board. I can't see any stray bits of solder, or wire anywhere in the unit.

What... the.... heck... did... I... do....?
Keep looking for errors. You could put those tf caps on every regulator on the board and not have a problem.. And of course... replacing every 100uf 4v cap on the board isn't gonna cause an issue either.
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