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Originally Posted by smartysmurf View Post
Yay! It is finally working.
I think the culprit was the one of the three white connectors next to the dsp chip. It might have become loosen when I took the daughter board out. When I firmly pushed the board, it started working. It seems very sensitive though. Small pressure to the board can make the dsp not functional. No more change to the setup.
Anyway, thank you, spldart.
Without your help, I probably would have ordered a replacement already.
I have occasionally seen situations where reflowing those connectors restored normal dsp operation. However... Not to argue with success if you can put the unit in service now then do so and later if the dsp drops out (no sound) then go back in and reflow those three white connectors.

FYI part of your dsp is on the hdmi board and part is on the adjacent (white connectors) board. That adjacent board holds the main micom, it's eeprom and your analog/digital digital/analog converter.... Not to mention your optical and coaxial digi audio inputs.

I know these units TO WELL. I did some research and it turns out I've done well over 300 TX-SR606's alone. Just that one model. And I've been doing onkyo service off and on since the '80s.... And they have had quite a few models out since then
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