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Originally Posted by smartysmurf View Post
Indeed, dsp reports ?????????????.
I might have destroyed the dsp while soldering the caps.
Will double check the daughter board tomorrow.
Oki doki.... Your dsp processor is not operating. Common failure that is not related to the cap job is a small 8 pin ic next to a crystal that handles clock duties having faulty connections or the ram IC underneath going bad. The ram looking ic on top next to the dsp processor is an eeprom and that rarely fails on this unit.... as appposed to the eeprom ic for the video processor which often gets corrupted by the cap failures that initiated all the current discussion.
More likely in your case, as your audio was working, is a blob of solder or something is defeating dsp operation. This is the same board you were working on. I'm saying this right now cuz you had the unit on long enough to get the firmware to report... This is generally not possible if the unit is throwing a protect.
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