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What is HD?

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Originally Posted by rbinck
If you come up with any solutions to the overscan issue, be sure to come back and let us know how you solved it.
Thanks for the swift reply ... and, yours *was* the one I was awaiting.

I haven't had a chance to try this yet, but I finally found the service menu items I was looking for. Earlier info I found simply used HSIZ & VSIZ for horizontal & vertical sizing which is one of the things I felt all along was part of the solution. On newer model Sony's the method of getting into service is the same (i.e., display, 5, vol. +, power) but they use different "variable" names. Even better, the info implies that I can adjust HSIZ & VSIZ for a specific channel, mine being the DVI input (DTV on television).

Here is the info I found with the new value labels:

Well, I decided to start poking around in the service menu and do some experimenting. I discovered that there was more than one location to change the various geometry settings. For example, horizontal position could be adjusted in the following places: MID1:0(DHPH), MID1:9 (MDHP), and MID4:0(DHPL). The first location affected all inputs, the second location affected both my DVI input and my component input, and the third location only affected my DVI input. Bingo. A little more experimentation and I determined that the following settings can be used to adjust the screen geometry on your DVI input without affecting any of the other inputs:

MID4:0(DHPL) - horizontal position
MID4:1(DHSL) - horizontal size
MID4:2(DVPL) - vertical position
MID4:3(DVSL) - vertical size

Armed with this information I chose the default Powerstrip setting for 1280x720p (HDTV). Then I adjusted the above settings until the picture fit perfectly on the screen with no overscan or underscan in any direction.

Now, I'm not sure if the MID4 category will be the one that equates to my DVI input, but this is definitely the answer I've been seeking.

Now, if I can get it to boot up with the specified resolution I'll be extremely happy.

I hope this helps someone else, I've invested alot of time (hours+) into this one.

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