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What is HD?

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Default PC to HDTV issues ...

I have a Sony HDTV model KF-60XBR800 and a Sony VAIO PC with an ATI X600XT card.

I would like to connect PC to HDTV and have a relatively decent display of desktop for browsing web, etc ...

Using DVI to DVI I get an extremely crisp display with alot of overscan. Actually, I need to force 720 mode within ATI utility everytime the PC boots in order to get that resolution. Unfortunately, at that res I have alot of overscan and seem to be unable to deal with it. I have tried using PowerStrip but it doesn't seem to cooperate. I always seem to get some mode that "scrambles" screen and pressing ESC seems unable to return to prior setting.

S-video has been the most cooperative, but lousy text is the result. I've been able to compensate for that a bit by using large icons and extra large text.

I obviously would prefer to use DVI since that has given me excellent quality all the way around with the exception of overscan.

two questions:

How can I get the PC to come up with the 1280 x 720 mode everytime it boots?

What is best way to at least minimize the overscan?

Any help would be appreciated.

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