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Originally Posted by hatt View Post
I had a 6.0 too. Ran good but did like to be in the shop.

At some point this light duty diesel race has to end. If you need that much truck you need an F-650 with a Cummins or Cat and stop fooling around. And a real transmission.

Engine built to the limits, light duty transmission/transfer case pushed to the limits. Not a good recipe IMO. I guess they are cashing in all the people using a 1 ton to do the job of a 1/2 ton truck or SUV.
Whenever I see a Ford Superduty with the Powerstroke diesel, 95% of the time I see them hauling nothing and just driving somewhere. I think you are right because pick up trucks are still a status symbol, especially in certain parts of the US. Whenever I visit a friend of the family that lives out on the Preble County line in, everyone single person in that neighborhood is driving a gigantic pickup truck even though it doesn't look like they have use for it.

The other thing Ford's marketing department is aiming for with the latest Superduty, are people who really do need a heavy duty truck. This truck is supposed to be over engineered, although time will tell. They are aiming for people who need a REAL truck but want to get decent fuel efficiency. Ford put up some videos a while back that showed that their testing puts the 2011 Powerstrokes as getting superior fuel economy compared to the Dudge and Government Motors heavy duty pickups.
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