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Originally Posted by hatt View Post
I wonder if that new 6.7 Powerstroke will be able to make it past the shop. New diesels are too complicated for me. Just no way to make it 200K miles without a bunch of costly visits to the shop.
This new Powerstroke is the first Powerstroke that has been completely engineered and manufactured by Ford. I remember I read a press release a while back that Ford engineered these new Powerstrokes to achieve a service life of at least 150k miles. That is actually nothing new as Ford has started aiming for a service life of at least 150k miles for every component in a car starting around the time Alan Mulally took over.

It sounds like these new Powerstrokes are very heavy duty, but time will tell as it makes me nervous reading that they produce 800lb-ft of [email protected] rpms straight from the factory. That thing has got to be running some major boost. These new Powerstrokes should be much more reliable than the last 2 generations which did not do well, which is what prompted Ford to completely engineer and make their own Powerstroke this time around instead of waiting for Navistar.
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