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My HDTV sux :(

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I had and have again a Toshiba 30HF85 but that's okay, I already figured out how to get into the service menu after some more websearching, but thanks anyway.

I've actually decided to try and return this one as well, if Sears will let me. This one has an annoying weird problem where the color convergence is awful (about a 4 set displacement of horizontal screen pixels/lines at times), both in certain areas, but especially with certain color transition combinations which actually occur everywhere. I think this phenomena is actually two things going wrong, not one. The problem that occurs everywhere is not normal, I think.

With white text on black, I also get another weird phenomena. The colors actually appear to converge perfectly in most areas (the global color convergence is seemingly unaffected by the transition between white and black) but what I get is two sets of blurred double-image white texts, which are displaced from each other about 2 scanlines in the *vertical* direction, and thus get a funny blurred thick white text with gray outlines on top and bottom. Weird.

I'm gonna return this one too, if Sears will let me without charging a restocking fee...
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