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Originally Posted by cyi106 View Post
I have a Panasonic TH-42PX60U and I got the 5 blinking lights last week. After doing a whole bunch of research and finding out that the TV is not under warranty, I ordered a new D Board from Ebay. All signs point to that as being the problem, so instead of paying for an expert to look at it, I just ordered the part.

My question is - how easy/hard are D Boards to replace? Is it something I can easily do myself? Any walkthroughs or tips would be much appreciated. Thanks!
When I watched the geek squad agent repair my tv under warranty It doesn't look hard at all. Simply disconnect the ribbon cables remove the old board and put tin the new one (if this is the same board) I had replaced. Actually i had two replaced but both were easy enough. Just remember there will be a lot of screws.

I'll add a quick note that my tv is a different model. but since the problems are universal it seems, I am going to take an educated guess that the layout of the boards is somewhat similar. Which means you'll just have to undress the back of the tv and the boards are right inside. No shielding past the back. At least not with mine.
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