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Originally Posted by sigill View Post
I got chance to see a 3D TV the other day and i must admit it was really impressive. There was a Black Eyed Peas concert and the 3D effect was fantastic, much better than i thought it would be. There was also some Athletic 100 metre sprint demo shown and it really was like you was in lane 9 right next to the race. It felt like the T.V was bottomless and you could reach your hand in! I am very excited about the possibilities of 3D BD in the future if they can get a decent amount of titles available and i am definatly looking at getting a 3D TV next. What do you think about 3D BD?
The Panasonic VT25's are amazing 3D displays, they have a Panny Demonstration disc which shows a Star Wars type of ship coming out of the Black skies and as you step off center you can actually see around and behind the images. It's very well done.
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