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Originally Posted by Bigloww View Post
What do you mean by engines?? For every year? Top 3 of the time period? Stock?

I know a few of them for that time:

My 1st guess would be the 69 ZL1 camero had a L88 427 (I think) that was rated at near 475 bhp and wayyy underated as some said more like 550-575bhp.

The 454 LS6 in 1970 was another king and the 70'' LS6 Chevelle is my favorite musle car choice with the Hemi Cuda being a close 2nd. It was rated at 455 horse I think, but like many engines in it's day was grossly underated as well.

And the good ol 426 hemi was around 450ish too I think in 69-70.

But sure there was some stock engines more powerful then those.. But my 3 favs none the less. The Ford 429 would be #4 on my list.
The correct answer would be . . .

The 1970 Chevelle LS6. It was factory rated at 450 HP.

Another answer that could also be correct (sorta) would be the 1966 427 high performance Corvette. Some of them came with a 450 HP decal on the air cleaner though the factory specs rate it as 425 HP.

Both the ZL1 and L88 were rated at 430 HP. The 427 HiPo 3x2 was rated at 435 HP The 426 Hemi was rated at 425. So was the 1966 Ford 427 dual quad super stock motor. The Boss 429 was rated at 375 HP.

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