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Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post
What were the highest rated horsepower engines
What do you mean by engines?? For every year? Top 3 of the time period? Stock?

I know a few of them for that time:

My 1st guess would be the 69 ZL1 camero had a L88 427 (I think) that was rated at near 475 bhp and wayyy underated as some said more like 550-575bhp.

The 454 LS6 in 1970 was another king and the 70'' LS6 Chevelle is my favorite musle car choice with the Hemi Cuda being a close 2nd. It was rated at 455 horse I think, but like many engines in it's day was grossly underated as well.

And the good ol 426 hemi was around 450ish too I think in 69-70.

But sure there was some stock engines more powerful then those.. But my 3 favs none the less. The Ford 429 would be #4 on my list.
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