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My plasma is High Def.

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Originally Posted by TwoPlusTwo View Post
Got my free Coraline and Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs 3D BDs in from Panasonic today!

Will watch Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs today and post a review later on this evening or tonight. Will watch Coraline and try to have a review up by tomorrow.

How did you get this rebate? I just recieved my TC-P50VT25 and didnt see any rebates, is this something I can access online?

Also I absolutely love this tv, I have a 46" Samsung 750 which was the top of the line samsung model about 2 years ago and it still whips the crap out of most lcd tv's but my new 50" panny plasma looks even better!

Also I have all the demo's for the ps3 3d and the Avatar game and the 3d almost makes it seem like I have a completely new system... It completely changes games, I laugh at the people who rip on the new 3d technology and who make up a million and one reasons why 3d is crap...blah blah blah, Most of them most likely havnt even seen the new technology, and those who have are probably just jealous of those who purchased and are experiencing it.

3D gaming is sick, and I really cant wait to see GT5 with head tracking on my ps3 eye, 3d with my tv, and the feel of my G25 wheel. That will be a truly immersive experience!

Anyways... let me know on those rebates and if I can still apply for them

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