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I have been asked by the OP to comment on available 3D (3D BD) content . . .

The only title that has an official street date is A CHRISTMAS CAROL which is Nov. 22nd. It will be released as a 4 disc release (MSRP: $49.99):

Digital Copy

The BD is puzzling as a 3D BD will play in any legacy BD player (in 2D only) - a requirement based on using the AVC-MVC video codec which all S3D BDs will use.


Sony has included trailers for MONSTER HOUSE and OPEN SEASON on it's CLOUDY 3D BD. They have also said they will release a highlights 3D BD of the World Cup matches but it is unknown if it will be this year.They also announced that RESIDENT EVIL - AFTERLIFE will be their first D/D 3D BD release which should come out in January - but they could push it for the end of December if they really wanted to. It will be released in theaters on Sept. 10th. says that TOY STORY 3 will be the first 3D BD that will be released Day/Date with the DVD and BD releases.

No announcements have been made on any general releases for the 3D BDs that are currently being given away as exclusives when a 3DTV is purchased. They are:

UNDER THE SEA - an IMAX 3D doc. Sony and LG are using this as an exclusive give away.

AVATAR will be a Panasonic exclusive starting in Q4 and will be available at retail, some time in 2011.

And that's pretty much it for 3D BD.

There are 3D movies that are available on DirecTV's PPV 3D channel. JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH has just been made available. I believe the cost is $5 per. You have to check the guide as their website doesn't list the movies.

ESPN3D is producing 3D content like the Yankees game, the Home Run Derby and a host of other sporting events. Check local listing.

And that it is AFAIK


There are 3 more 3D BDs that are exclusives:

Panasonic Demo 3D BD - included in their 3D BD players

Sony Demo 3D BD - included in their 3DTV purchases

Disney Compliation 3D BD - included in the Mitsubishi Starter Kit

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