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Quote:Originally Posted by1080PsF ....And just for grins NTSC is not 30 frames per second it is 29.97 frames per second.
It's kind of hard to follow along sometimes because the incorrect numbers are used like 30 or 29.97, 24 or 23.98. They are all real formats.

Quote:Originally Posted by Videopark
So tell me how many real 30 fps tapes you have seen???
Quote:Originally Posted by1080PsF Just ran one on monday 01/16/06. It was a 30PsF Hd-Cam.
I bet that extra frame every 1000.00000011 frames (33.333333333333334 seconds) really gives it the old WOW factor -wish I coulda been there make sure your AC isn't off by more than .02 cycle (synchronous capstan drives etc) or you'll be back to worse than that crappy old 29.97 or god forbid 'keystone cop' 30.03fps video

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