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Originally Posted by rbinck
There is nothing to say, other than availibility of equipment, that two 30fps fields could not be sent to make 60 per second just like the 25Hz PAL video.
PAL is not 25Hz it is 50Hz. It is 25 frames per second but just like NTSC each frame contains 2 fields making it 50i.

By the way the orig. reason that video runs at the rate it does is because of electricity. Like in America and other NTSC countries the power is 60Hz and in countries that use PAL or SECAM the power is 50HZ.

And just for grins NTSC is not 30 frames per second it is 29.97 frames per second.

It's kind of hard to follow along sometimes because the incorrect numbers are used like 30 or 29.97, 24 or 23.98. They are all real formats.
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