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Originally Posted by DaveBrett View Post
I bought a Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR. It captures video just fine, and I have created AVCHD DVDs with it that are supposed to play in a Blu-Ray DVD player. But the DVDs will not load in a blu-ray DVD player. I am capturing video in the standard .TS format (not the PS3 or X-Box format.) First I tried burning onto a DVD-R, then I tried a DVD+R. But my Insignia blu-ray DVD player won't load any of the discs.

What is going on?

Other than trying some of the other formats, I don't know too much to recommend. Did you use the software that came with the 1212 to make the DVDs?

I could not get this to work either, although others have, but I gave up and decided to use some ASUS O!Play - TV HD Media Players instead to play the files. I have made several DVDs using convertXtoDVD software. They are not HD, but end up very good SD.

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