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Originally Posted by MJG196 View Post
I just brought mine home from the ONKYO service tech. Essentially, the power supply to the HDMI board is rated way too low. He told me the caps were rated at 3.3v and he replaced them with 4.4v (I think he said 4.4). He replaced the whole board/power supply and everything is working 100% now.

The tech pointed to his bench and there were SIX other 606's he was working on for the same problem! This is a problem with the 606 and apparently not the other models in the line. Mine was under warranty and I had my receipt, so it cost me nothing.
You have either been given some incorrect info or relayed that info inaccurately. The 100uf's both original and replacement are 4 volt and the add on caps whether .1uf or 1 uf are both 50 volt. And the power supply isn't underrated but simply becomes unstable without enough cap to keep the regulators from oscillating. It was an engineering/design error and is correctable by the bulletin.
And that very same board is in 1 other onkyo model and one other integra model. Not just the 606.
And a similar problem has cropped up in a next gen model. BEFORE they figured out the problem with the 3 models from teh previous year. I doubt onkyo will have this problem again for a while... Lesson learned i imagine.
And yes. I know I'm overly simply stating the problem.

No biggie. I've noticed a lot of shops are terrible with accuracy or honesty.
/me hates that :~(
I've run out to the customer area of our shop occasionally to correct my manager in relaying the facts in a repair more than a few times

BTW... At the peak of this situation I had nearly 2 dozen U41 hdmi pcb situations sitting on my shelf at the same time :-/
I think the situation is 'in hand' now by onkyo. It was a bit of a runaway situation a while ago. But I can quote situations by nearly every major manufacture in the last 10 years that mirror this so don't be to judgmental.

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