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A couch and an HDTV to go please.

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Thanks for all the input everyone. The last time I bought a tv I did buy a 4 year extended warranty from Best Buy. I had a problem with that tv where any kind of input with S-Video would result in a lot of static disturbance on the screen. Best Buy set me up with a local repair man who came over and looked at the tv and said he would have to fix it at his shop. He left and didnt come back for a month to come pick it up, and then kept the tv at his store for another 2 months telling me every couple of weeks that he would have to order a new part for it. After 3 months he gave it back to me and said he couldnt fix it and I Best Buy finally appoligized and gave me a replacement.
I just hope this time around theyre a little more speed with the process
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