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Originally Posted by Moni View Post
Thanks very much for the replies!

The Aiptek one looks good, only problem is that some brands are hard to find in Australian retail stores.

Considering I don't have a HDTV, or a powerful PC, it's probably not worth buying an expensive HD camcorder. So I checked out the reviews for the Flip MinoHD, and some were good, some were bad.

Would a standard definition camcorder be better than a Flip MinoHD? Those tiny things just seem so fragile and breakable!
It would have been an important part of the question to know you were in Oz.

It depends on what criteria you use for better. More rugged or better video? The HD flip cameras will give you better video even on a SD TV, so for me they are the better choice over any SD camera.

You can't order over the internet? I got mine from Amazon.
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