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Originally Posted by channelx99
Well Ive had a 30inch Panasonic widescreen hdtv for a little over a month now- model # CT30WX15N

Last night I was watching a movie I let the screen stay on the dvd selection menu while I went into the kitchen. While I was in the kitchen I heard a loud crack noise and when I went into the living room the entire picture was extremely blurry. I turned the set off and then back on and while it wasnt extremely blurry like it was before, it was still blurry a little. I also noticed that when I turn the set off a shape will flash in the middle of the screen followed by 3 bars in the middle of the screen- red blue and green. I knew I should have bought the extended warranty but I didnt have enough for it with tax and delivery fees. Anyone know what could be wrong?
True story:
I bought a Panny 3 years ago and it blew up in 30 min after delivery. I called the Retailer I bought it from and they brought a new one out 3 days later. As the delivery guys were loading up the old one;the new one made a boom and blew up too. After that I was pissed and I got my money back and bought a Sony.
They prolly wont give you a new one , but its definatley under warranty.
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