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As an owner of a Toyota, I'd happily go and buy another if I was in the market. First Toyota I owned was a 2005 Prius that lasted until someone hit me head on and totalled it. It had just over 100k miles on it and had been perfect. I replace it with a 2009 Prius with 12k miles on it.

Prior to owning these cars, all I previously owned were american cars. All good for about 100k miles before needing major work. I treated them all well and had them all serviced regularly. Most of them needed some work prior to the 100k miles, but the more costly work was after that.

My 2005 Prius needed 1 item fixed (headlight leveling sensor) in the time I owned it. All I did to it over the 100k+ miles was oil changes, regular tune ups and changed the tires. I never even had to change the brakes!

When doing this in an American care becomes what the cars are known for, then I might consider going back to them. But Toyota has a long reputation for their cars lasting a long time and driving 30k miles a year, that's what I wanted.

Everyone has had recall issues over the past, Toyota has just had a big spell of them lately and has been taking care of them. I think a number of the issues were all exaggerated a bit more then necessary and in at least one case they did a recall when things were actually up to proper safety standards and it really didn't need it.

When I'm ready for my next car however, I will be looking at the Chevy Volt.
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