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Originally Posted by CatManDoo
With so much focus on the video portion of home theater, the audio portion seems to get left out. But going from regular stereo sound out of your tv to 5.1 or better Dolby is almost (but not quite) as dramatic as the jump from SD to HD. I love it, and I wonder what percentage of people in this Forum use a receiver with surround sound to maximize the home viewing/listening experience???
Hey Cat, been using DD 5.1 for a few years now. I got my surround system when I bought my first big screen...a Sony 53" V series. I now have incorporated it into my bedroom with my 37" plasma...awesome. One good example is on the Matrix, the hallway shootout screen, and Neo firing the big cannon out of the chopper. How about saving Private Ryan? Surround sound truly did bring the theatre home.
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