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Originally Posted by adamwilkes20 View Post
I understand that and I know what you mean. I used to be a Ford fan, but the whole 3.8 intake gasket deal ruined my opinion of Ford's customer service. They knew there was a problem with the intake gaskets, but yet only issued a TSB rather than recalled the affected 3.8 engines. When people were taking their 3.8 equipped engines into the shop with the SEL glowing and the OBD II codes showing lean, the Ford service managers got to charge nearly $1,000.00 per repair to replace the gaskets.
That was the old Ford. I honestly like the new Ford a lot more ever since Alan Mulally took over. Those 3.8 litre head gaskets won't bother you anymore. My understanding from what I read in an article back during the 90's was that 15-20% of all 3.8's had a head gasket failure. Ford's 4.6 litre SOHC engine from that time period also suffered from intake manifold and intake manifold gaskets failing due to a really bad composite design.
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