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I don't know about the nvidia card. nvidia is not considered HTPC friendly, so most of the HTPC is centered about the ATI cards. Just what nvidia gamers want to hear, right?

I use an ATI 7500 PCI card and with the aid of the powerstrip software, it is able to output 1920x1080i. It also will output 1280x720p, so depending on the TV capabilities, it will cover HDTV.

The overscan issue is a factor of the TV not the equipment connected to the TV. The TV has the video height and width set to push the edges of the image off of the viewable area of the screen. It may be that you can get into the service menus and reset these parameters, but you may end up seeing video noise when viewing standard TV video. Some TVs have an input specifically for computer input, normally VGA, that will not have the overscan. I have a multimedia TV that is so equipped.

As far as using the HDTV for a computer monitor, most HDTVs will make a terrible computer monitor. Most HDTVs are fixed in a very narrow refresh rate at 59-61 Hz, so they are basically 60 Hz devices. This will normally cause flicker to be noticable on text type displays. Take the HDTV resolution of 1280x720 @ 60Hz, the closest standard computer resolution would be normally 1024x768 @ 75 Hz or 85Hz. Most HDTVs can not handle this high refresh.

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