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Default Do the Math!

No one likes commitment (especially us guys - just ask your wives). That said, stop and look at the possibilities involved in making the commitment. The discounts and rebates and free equipment/installation all have a value. Look at your total output over 2 years if you go with a contract and without. Estimate how long you will stick with it depending on circumstances. Understand that not fulfilling the contract only costs $10 per month for each month remaining (this was the last figure I'd seen with Dish - DTV was $12 a month). To begin with, you'll know very soon whether you like the service or not and can cancel withing 30 days. I've looked at the options in a number of cases and going with a contract generally is the best bet if you get a good package deal to start with.

I've got 4 months left on my contract, have never been unhappy with programming, price or equipment and am far ahead of where I would have been had I gone with no contract. You have to put everything in perspective. I'm getting ready to set up Dish for my 90-yr old mother and trust me, we'll be very happy to see her finish out the 2-yr commitment.
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