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My plasma is High Def.

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Default is this a good time to buy pc to hdtv???

i'd like to hook up my pc to my hdtv. not to play media, but to use the hdtv as a monitor for my computer needs.

i tried a straight hook-up to the dvi connector, and the image on the hdtv was oversized and could do nothing about it.

after some googling, i came across these two products....

the ati card intrigued me for its recording functions, and the grandtec appealed to me for its ease of use(ie,,i could buy it, hook it up, and if it didn't work, i could return it. this is not so easy with the ati card.)

but amongst other issues, two of my friends posited this argument....that the technology is still new(maybe even first generation), and that i should wait until the kinks(if any) are ironed out, and also wait until the price drops.

well, i don't want to wait for a price drop, but i do have concerns about quality, and would like to avoid any hassles if either product doesn't work to my expectations.

what do you all think is the best course of action?
background....i have a sony rear, lcd projection kf60we610,,,and a nvidia 5600ultra vcard on my computer(wME). when i tried hooking up my pc/hdtv i was UNABLE to resize the desktop image, as it showed in zoom mode. i emailed sony tech support, and they replied with this statement, ""We apologize for the difficulties you are experiencing. The Wide
Modes of the television are to affect a standard 4:3 format picture.
When any high scan input is received by the television above 480P the
television will show the native format of the video signal. This
disables the Wide Mode functions of the television. The image that is
being seen is not from the television's "Zoom" Wide Mode."

would either product solve this issue as stated by sony..

thanks very much all, and thanks for reading this whole thing
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