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Default Overscan issue with Intel X4500HD and Mitsu WS-55313

Hi, I've read thru this forum and have spent a great deal of time researching this issue, but have not come up with a final issue. Hoping somebody could help me, as my time is limited.

Dell finally shipped my HTPC, or as close as I could come to one:
Inspiron 580 Core i3 with H57 board - G45 chipset with X4500HD integrated graphics, which supposedly works well with Core i3's onboard GPU and has HDMI out.

Unfortunately, my Mistubishi WS-55313 TV does not. I Have HDMI to DVI converter. To my dismay, I mistakingly assumed "MonitorLink" would "link" my "monitor" to my TV. Who knew the TV would be deemed "unsuitable as a computer monitor" by Mitsubishi.

MonitorLink was apprently designed by Mitsu as a proprietary connection for their HD receiver that also incorporated the DVI standard.

DVI signals are decoded differently by a HDTV than a computer encodes it. The result is a pretty nice picture with overscan that crops off all 4 edges of the desktop, which makes the whole thing unusable.

Since I have intel X4500HD integrated graphics, I stumbled upon some info that recommended I use the igfxcfg.exe applet tool to run a custom resolution profile and reduce overscan to "0". No such applet exists on my stystem, even after reinstalling drivers straight from intel, in case Dell's OEM install stripped it out. I can't seem to find igfxcfg.exe on intel's site or anywhere else, other than the free malware sites.

came across this thread and downloaded MonInfo, which is nice to extract the EDID info from my TV. I also downloaded PowerStrip, but I cannot seem to get it configured. I hooked up an additional monitor via VGA. Powerstrip can identify settings for each monitor as I drag its window from one monitor to the other, but I cannot change the max resolution. I found a way to create a custom drive and adjust the fields to match as much info from MonInfo as possible. I can save the .inf, but what do I do with it?

The EDID Powerstrip is auto-extracting is coming up with 1920 x 580. I am at a total loss here. If somebody can walk me through how to get this running, or at least point me to a decent link for intel's configuration tool: igfxcfg.exe, I would appreciate it.

I just got the PC from dell and have a limited time to come up with a fix before I have to decide to send it back or keep a system that is incompatible with my TV.

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