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My plasma is High Def.

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Thanks for the info. Just a couple of questions so I am clear.
First; all my receivers are non-HD. One is a DVR, one is just a regular receiver (those two were installed end of January of 2007. Third receiver I just bought from Best Buy last night). THe first two receiver are silver in color, and the newest one is black.
Second: I have 3 lines coming from my dish to the house.

Of course two of those lines goes to the DVR and one goes to the first standard receiver. My questions are as follows: how can I tell which receivers I have (the D-12 or higher and the R-16 or higher)?
Second, would it be possible to install a SWM for one of the lines currently going to the DRV, then use the other one to run to the new receiver in the second bedroom? Or in installing the SWM on the line that is currently going to the master bedroom (the silver non-DVR receiver) and have it split to also run to the spare bed room with the new receiver?
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