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This is an invite only group.

HD DVD Owners Group

Group Created by PFC5

This is a private group for just long time owners of the HD DVD format to have private group talks.

Call it a "therapy group" now that HD DVD has been abandoned. :lol:

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  1. junehhan
    11-16-2008 06:06 PM
    Heh, I own an HDTV and I still don't own a PS3 or BDP of any kind. I just can't justify the price of the player, and then the price of the movies which are even worse. Even then, it still absolutely stuns me how well my HD-A1 upconverts SD-DVD's.
  2. Lee Stewart
    11-15-2008 11:48 AM
    Lee Stewart
    Blu-ray Enthusiasts Alone Can't Save the Format

    Blu-ray Enthusiasts Alone Can't Save the Format

  3. junehhan
    11-13-2008 07:02 PM
    I hate to say it, but we are looking at the world with red colored beer goggles. As much as I would like for dual format players to happen, it just doesn't seem like it could. Just because we want it to happen, is no indication of whether the market will want it to happen or not. Didn't Toshiba make a statement that they will continue to service HD-DVD players for repairs?
  4. PFC5
    11-13-2008 09:01 AM
    Bruce I doubt there will be any new dual format players built either. One big reason is that with the SoC integration going on in the chip level, no one AFAIK, is working on such a chip that could handle HD DVD anymore. This would take a lot of R&D to make it happen with the new SoC that will be coming that ARE cheaper, so it is very unlikely a dual format player would be made.

    It is important to have enough back up players to play the HD DVD discs until people run out of players that work. For someone with your vast collection, I would settle for no less than 10 backup players so that possibly one day, a collector would buy the whole collection with working players for a possible profit years from now.

    I would put the chances of a dual format player at less than 5% as my guess. I think there would be a better chance (for the above reasons stated about the SoC) of someone buying the rights to make a HD DVD only player to cater to the owners in a few years. I would put that at less than 10% as a guess though also.

    I sure hope I am wrong and you are right, but it does not look good to me that new HD DVD players will ever be made unfortunately.
  5. Lee Stewart
    11-11-2008 08:41 AM
    Lee Stewart

    Only one CEM supported HD DVD - Toshiba.

    All the others supported BD. So your only hope is if Toshiba makes a combo player. If not - then the existing player population will have to do.

    IMO of course.
  6. bruceames
    11-09-2008 10:03 PM
    So do you think the 15 million or so HD DVD discs are just going to get chucked by the over 600,000 owners right now? That all but a few collectors 'such as myself' will throw them away or rebuy them on Blu-ray? Why in the world would they do that? You get the same quality. Why in the world would anyone want to play a LD titles except for the fact that it would have equal or better PQ than any other form of media. LD quality was worse than DVD and collectors abandoned it like the plague. There exists no such reason for HD DVD owners because like you already know it's just as good as Blu-ray. Can't you see a link between people wanting to play HD DVDs in the future and the relative performance value?
  7. Lee Stewart
    11-09-2008 09:46 PM
    Lee Stewart
    But several years from now - there will be no titles on HD DVD that won't be available on BD.

    So what would be the purpose? For the few collectors like yourself? IMO - again - not enough of a payback for the CEM.

    This is not like LD where even today - there are many titles that are only available on LD - not available on DVD.
  8. bruceames
    11-09-2008 06:55 PM
    Dead or not, the titles are still out there, and they look just as good as Blu-ray, and they are 5" optical. In a few years, HD DVD will only be remembered by those having the discs and wanting a new player. Like I said, it would probably only be incorporated in a high end model, since they don't sell many units anyway. Also to consider is that the costs for the hardware (difraction plates) will certainly go down to near zero in the future, so it'll be simply a matter of adding the software. You have to consider what should be possible at low cost several years from now, not in the near future. I know no manufacturer would not consider a player with HD DVD playback included in the next few years because it doesn't make economic sense. But since it is 5" optical, there's no doubt in my mind that it'll be dirt cheap to add it in several years from now if they wanted to.
  9. Lee Stewart
    11-09-2008 08:14 AM
    Lee Stewart
    But the CEM's and the public view HD DVD as the losing format. The fact that there are 700 titles (?) - well it just won't be enough and the studios are releasing BD versions of the HD DVD's.
  10. bruceames
    11-08-2008 11:00 PM
    It wouldn't be billed as a combo player, but simply a Blu-ray player that also plays DVDs and HD DVDs. It's not far fetched at all, I don't think, and I doubt that Toshiba would be the one to put one out, but rather somebody else. It probably wouldn't happen for a few years or even longer, if it does. I'm just saying the ingredients are there for it to happen: 1) HD DVD will always be desirable to play, since they sport 1080p just like Blu-ray, and 2) it's 5" optical media.

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