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This is an invite only group.

HD DVD Owners Group

Group Created by PFC5

This is a private group for just long time owners of the HD DVD format to have private group talks.

Call it a "therapy group" now that HD DVD has been abandoned. :lol:

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  1. PFC5
    09-19-2008 10:56 PM
    I believe BD made a big mistake choosing BD-Java over HDi as the long load times really bother me on some of the BDs with my Sharp BD player. I think the longest load time for a BD movie was almost 4 minutes for Resident Evil: Extinction. At least with the quick start mode (nearly in the ON state since it continues to use about 90% of ON wattage) the tray opens immediately.

    I wish ALL HDM players could find a way to open the tray immediately while they boot up. That alone could solve most of the loading the disc waiting, because i could get a snack/drink while it is loading instead of waiting for the player to boot up first.

    Much of this would have been resolved with HDi though.
  2. crazyal
    09-19-2008 10:51 PM
    Why is it if you value your money and are not willing to part with it until BD offers what you would like that makes you a BD hater? My A2 has never taken any longer than 30 seconds to load a disc, why should I accept less?
  3. Farout777
    09-19-2008 10:50 PM
    When I bought my PS3, my IQ went up 20 points! haha
  4. PFC5
    09-19-2008 10:49 PM
    The PS3 IS a damn fine BD player, but what would have happened it it played BDs like the PS2 played SD DVDs? It would have likely been a different game. I have no doubt that the PS3 was the clincher for BD to win, but now the studios seem to be complaining about it not helping as much now despite selling millions more PS3s since then.
  5. Lee Stewart
    09-19-2008 10:44 PM
    Lee Stewart
    Like buying a PS3 - a game console that also happens to play BD's - cause they buy the latest and greatest Sony GC . . .

    And now - they are experts about the future of CE products, HDTV and HDM . . .

    Excuse me while I hit the head and puke over that one.
  6. PFC5
    09-19-2008 10:42 PM
    I still have issues when people state that it was a foregone conclusion that BD would always win (although HD DVD was always the underdog no doubt), and they try to use picking the winning side as a sign of their "gift" to know how things would turn out from the beginning.

    Can you imagine how some of the people who act that way NOW, would have reacted IF HD DVD had gotten both Warner & Fox?
  7. Farout777
    09-19-2008 10:39 PM
    I don't think so, i'm just too nice of a guy.
  8. Lee Stewart
    09-19-2008 10:36 PM
    Lee Stewart
    Farout - did you ever make . . . . "The List?"

  9. Lee Stewart
    09-19-2008 10:34 PM
    Lee Stewart
    To listen to bmore you would think that Paramount's decision was just another day and that all the BD only fans just said "No prob, I'll just buy the DVD".

    - I remember that!

    Now of course - their tune is totally different!
  10. Farout777
    09-19-2008 10:33 PM
    I would have loved to see what would have happened if BD lost, there would have been mass suicide over at BD.com

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