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This is an invite only group.

HD DVD Owners Group

Group Created by PFC5

This is a private group for just long time owners of the HD DVD format to have private group talks.

Call it a "therapy group" now that HD DVD has been abandoned. :lol:

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  1. bruceames
    10-22-2008 09:18 AM
    It's very possible that another DF player will come out at some point. It would probably be in a high end model, perhaps by Toshiba.
  2. crazyal
    10-21-2008 11:01 PM
    I was really hoping we would have seen some other CEMs coming out with DF players by this point. Of course that was before Toshiba opted out of the market. It would have been nice if Oppo's new BD player had a HD DVD drive in it. They usually throw in every format.
  3. bruceames
    10-20-2008 08:46 PM
    yeah the Onkyo is a nice player, on par with the XA2. There's also another listed on ebay for the same price but with free shipping and a demo disc included. Chris must have bought more than one player, because he's used the Onkyo in the past.
  4. junehhan
    10-20-2008 08:16 PM
    I was searching Ebay, and it appears Chris Gerhard is selling his brand new unopened Onkyo HD-DVD player on Ebay if anyone is interested. I'm tempted since while it is a Toshiba clone, i'm confident that it has likely been built at a much higher quality level since the Onkyo version of the XA2 was built in Japan.
  5. bruceames
    10-20-2008 06:13 PM
    lol, yeah it probably doesn't seem like me, but I did buy a BD player in February, about a week before Toshiba threw in the towel. This time, I bought it for the HD DVD part of it, and also for it being a combo player. I just felt it necessary to own one of these, since there will be no combo players in the future and I want to get one while they're easily available.
  6. junehhan
    10-19-2008 10:48 AM
    Bruce, are you trying to be a Maverick or something? Out of all people, I would have never seen you coming within a 30 foot pole's reach of a BDP, even if it is a dual format player.............
  7. bruceames
    10-17-2008 09:12 PM
    Farout: Yeah I bought the LG BH200 because of the 30% off and it would be nice to own a combo player (this one is a rarity also that it will play all regions BD). I'll take it for a test run of a few weeks or months and then I'll probably pack it and put it in the closet for later use.

    June: Yeah, you can still get good deals on HD DVD players if you look around, especially the 1080i models. Ebay auctions show used A3 players going for around $60. I was (am) very happy with my A1, and who knows it could last a very long time (maybe never break down). Good luck with grad school.
  8. junehhan
    10-17-2008 07:34 PM
    BTW, do you guys know if there are any HD-DVD players still being sold out there that are brand new? I missed on the opportunity to pick up a few backup players back when they were cheap. My HD-A1 is still going strong, but nothing lasts forever. Everytime I look at my HD-A1, i'm absolutely impressed with how well the thing is built, and what Toshiba gave me for just $500. I especially love using it as a CD player as my old CD simply cannot compete with the HD-A1 in terms of sound quality.
  9. junehhan
    10-17-2008 07:27 PM
    I've been so insanely busy, I just havn't had the time. I'm currently barely getting by and am really struggling with grad school. I apparantly went in rather unprepared as I didn't expect the programme to be so incredibly mathmatically intensive. I basically brought a stick when I really more or less needed a nuclear warhead..............
  10. Farout777
    10-17-2008 05:51 PM
    Hey Bruce, I have the LG BH200 player on my den TV and it's been a nice little player, updated the firmware and no problems, although it's not used a whole lot. I picked up mine on Ebay for $350 six months ago.

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