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complete loss of signal two days in a row, etc

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Old 06-15-2011, 06:18 PM   #1
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Default complete loss of signal two days in a row, etc

Ever since I upgraded to another room on Monday, I've had weird problems.

First, was the second room and 612 receiver. Every time you turn it on it starts with the DISH aiming screen, Also, the remote would not work right. The installer came back with a new unit and also determined the remote problem was due to the 612 and the T.V. being to close to the same I.R. frequency. He fixed that problem, totally, but evidently there was nothing wrong with the first 612, because it still starts with the aiming screen.

Moe problematic, though, is that yesterday my 722k had a complete loss of signal. I know this happens sometimes and the installer even explained why. But then it just happened again. This time if I turned the 722k off by the front power button, and then back on, the channel would come back on, but if I went to another channel, complete power loss yet again.

I am trying a hard reset now. I unplugged the 722k for 2-3 minutes and then plugged it back in. If that doesn't work, any other ideas? Also, how can I get the 612 to stop starting on the DISH tuning screen, it's a minor problem but still irritating.
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You should only have complete loss of signal if there is a torrential rainstorm between the dish and the satellite, so, if it is happening in fair weather, it indicates a problem.

The 612 also should not be misbehaving as you describe.

Don't just sit and let your installation warranty expire, make them fix it right.

You may have a weak switch on your lnb cluster, or power problems in the house causing unstable reception.

On the other hand, the 612 has been anecdotally a problem child, some say it is now better behaved, some do not - I do not have one.
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The problem with the 612 bringing up the Point Dish screen is a software problem we are aware of. We are working on a software fix to take care of that problem. Replacing the receiver will not remedy the problem.

As far as your 722k, as jim5506 stated, if it is occurring frequently, we need to get a tech out there to find the problem. You should not lose signal unless inclement weather is occurring. You might check the cables on the back of the receiver to make they are all hand tight. Please let me know if you'd like to have a tech sent out.
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