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Local HDTV Info and Reception

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  1. A ? 4 the Yodas of OTA Reception
  2. Couple questions
  3. Programmable D-to-A converters? (self-changing channels)
  4. Antenna polarization question
  5. Build a VHF TV antenna?
  6. Show off your setup
  7. Picking up local HDTV in Santa Clarita valley.
  8. New Sceptre 42" HDTV Model X42BV Lip Sync Problem
  9. New Sceptre 42" HDTV Model X42BV Lip Sync Problem
  10. Can someone explain this QAM channel listing?
  11. My brother's wife is not happy with him (Misleading TV ads)
  12. one or two amps for separate u-vhf antennas
  13. Update to Barnwell SC Help!
  14. Help! Which antenna to choose? So many options...
  15. Antenna Mounting Orientation
  16. Two Baluns
  17. In Hamilton, need Toronto and Buffalo
  18. Bad news, need new outdoor antenna now
  19. Barnwell, SC Help!
  20. Only Audio, no Visual
  21. Please Help!!!
  22. Cable and Antenna
  23. College Dorm Room in Boston, MA and HDTV Antennae
  24. Diplexer Question
  25. confused on what type of antenna is needed
  26. It's another which antennae thread....
  27. VIP622 not picking up ota channels
  28. I fear I am the village idiot but...are all digital ...
  29. Anyone else from North Dallas? Can you get Channel 8?
  30. What's the point of CA/LP stations?
  31. HD/Antenna Hookup Basic Questions
  32. Why not 16-VSB? Why AM modulation?
  33. Which Digital Station broadcasts the most channels?
  34. Why does FCC use different DBu values for Digital and Analog?
  35. Digital Converter Boxes...Where are they?
  36. Will my Stations will be vhf, or uhf in 2009?
  37. questions about antenna amps
  38. CM4221 success in Detroit (48239)
  39. SW Ohio Antenna Selection
  40. ohio hd antenna help
  41. Channel 13 on Long Island
  42. Need VHF Channel 12 and combiner for UHF
  43. New to HDTV-need help from the experts
  44. Are the digital stations going to move next year?
  45. What do I need to install an antenna?
  46. Questions about RG-11 and long cable runs
  47. Just found out about OTA
  48. New to (Dish Network) looking for OTA advice
  49. Surprise -- Antenna Help Requested!
  50. Coax lengths into a CM0549
  51. Can I get Canadian television in 18602?
  52. RV antennas
  53. TV Listings Website
  54. Qam and Digital radio stations.
  55. Just received Dish Network HD upgrade...need help with OTA...
  56. Attic Installation?
  57. OTA HD Reception
  58. need antenna help
  59. Akai - Take over by "Samsung"
  60. Anyone try and co-phase four antennas?
  61. Help choosing an antenna
  62. Set-top antennas? Are you using one to receive DTV?
  63. How do UHF loops antennas work?
  64. Proper splitter for OTA?
  65. AntennaWeb vs TVFool
  66. DX'n Forum
  67. Local high def reception via indoor antenna
  68. ATSC Set Top Box???
  69. 2 Signals
  70. Radio Shack VU 190 XR?
  71. Choosing between the two antenna...
  72. Los Angeles 9.1 - dropping?
  73. I lost only my fox feed with roof top 4228
  74. No ABC HD?
  75. checking my understanding of antenna placement
  76. uhf channel signal bouncing
  77. Best Antenna
  78. reception in severe thunderstorms
  79. Testing Local HD Channels on Cable.
  80. Having trouble tuning in a local HD channel
  81. winegard HD8200U
  82. USA HD reception issue
  83. Where to buy OTA Antenna in Houston?
  84. Poll on successful HDTV reception?
  85. What do you rotor users do with PVR's?
  86. UHF best antenna for two angles
  87. Electrictoy: say something useful or be gone!
  88. Moved Antenna, Lost Signals!!!!
  89. Improve "almost there" reception withOUT going outside the attic?
  90. SMART antennas - Do they exist for TV?
  91. Buy my parents an antenna.
  92. Hope this helps someone
  93. So... which D-to-A converter is GOOD?
  94. The winegard HD8200U replaces HD8200P
  95. is plastic antenna any good
  96. Weather
  97. Similar tvfool.com site for radio?????
  98. Question TERK antenna HDTC with satellite signal
  99. Can coupons be used to get ATSC-equipped sets?
  100. Subscribe to cable in order to get HD through QAM?
  101. CBS HD with antennae in Buffalo, NY?
  102. hi all antenna help needed
  103. Antenna Selection
  104. does my area have towers near by...
  105. Local HD
  106. No ABC HD...
  107. No ABC HD...
  108. ANALOG RECEPTION IS SUPERIOR to digital non-reception
  109. Build a VHF/UHF TV antenna?
  110. Issues connecting rg59 to rg6 with connector
  111. Cbc Hd
  112. Snowy HD Picture
  113. New HD Series Winegard Ch 7-69 antennas
  114. Tennadyne or KMA Log Periodic antenna experience?
  115. OTA frustration
  116. Analog/Digital Switchover
  117. new home
  118. HD OTA Reception in Attic
  119. Out of Market HD Locals?
  120. Indoor or outdoor OTA antenna? Tower is 36.3 miles way.
  121. Antenna cable routing question
  122. Ancientwhiz
  123. antenna suggestion
  124. WTF! ATSC tuner not picking up favorite station!
  125. Please help with options
  126. EchoStar TR-40 ($39.99) and TR-50 converter boxes
  127. cant get hd signal from cable provider HELP
  128. selecting antenna for 2edge diffraction
  129. Any way to make TV switch antenna feeds by channel?
  130. spartan or titan?
  131. comcast confessions
  132. OTA: Poor HD reception, but SD works well.
  133. Picture Problem - Samsung 4661F LCD
  134. OTA tuners
  135. OTA Question - PM form rmsfn28
  136. Terk TV55 for Boat and House?
  137. Lost off air tv reception
  138. Hisense DB2010 Manual
  139. AMP questions...
  140. Dish 1000 - Diplexers - DVR antenna hookup PLEASE HELP!
  141. question about amps
  142. Question about descrambler?
  143. Signal problems, colored lines problems
  144. Help in Tuskegee, AL
  145. what is the difference between these 2 combiners??
  146. Samsung LN-S4692D - What generation ota hd tuner?
  147. Can cable pipe in HD and substitute local ads?
  148. Homemade antenna
  149. New OTA "subscriber" with question
  150. Power Injector After Splitter
  151. Noob asks if 28dB UHF preamp too much gain?
  152. Antenna color ratings. Does violet cover them all?
  153. HD channels using OTA antenna fed through the DVR receiver
  154. CM 7777 amp
  155. Looking for recommendation on OTA outdoor HD (UHF?) antenna
  156. ATSC tune = OTA reception?
  157. Easiest way to improve with Radio Shack outdoor UHF antenna?
  158. Hook Up 2 Antennas
  159. HD Reception
  160. Video on OTA HD reception
  161. Should I get an outdoor antenna while the indoor one works fine?
  162. Omni-Directional Antenna
  163. Cold weather
  164. Problems with TV or Signal?
  165. VHF vs UHF
  166. Help choosing antenna
  167. white lines at top?
  168. VHF/UHF Antenna
  169. Cable TV and Satellite are SERVICES..not RECEPTION!
  170. Off Air HD channels in Lexington< KY
  171. Combining a CM4228 antenna with a Philips VHF/UHF/FM antenna?
  172. Need help picking out an indoor HDTV antenna
  173. DT channel assignments
  174. Help with New HD LCD TV!?
  175. Over-the-air HD signals
  176. Cox cable
  177. Antenna Planning for the Future
  178. Multi-Directional HD Antenna
  179. Whats a good HD Antenna for a Person living in a High Rise building in NYC???
  180. Polaroid 40" LCD HDTV lost all its HD channel
  181. No Sound on ESPN HD and ESPN2 HD
  182. Recent WCAU reception issue. digital 67
  183. Antenna Model GE TV24769...
  184. Shaw Cable high def movie channels no sound?
  185. Pixelation on Houston local HD Directv
  186. Extended Warranty?
  187. Hisense DB-2010 question
  188. Ice on roof
  189. Signal strength question?
  190. What causes this OTA problem?
  191. Need Help With Ota Hd
  192. Fox WPFO Portland, Maine
  193. Question: I am planning on getting a HDTV this weekend and i need your Help Poeple.
  194. Home Satellite viewer act unjust!
  195. Bought a turnerless monitor need help
  196. Specific OTA reception HD question
  197. OTA-Whats Normal
  198. set up problems new tv
  199. Picked up ABC HD with Insignia but can't with REGZA?
  200. Springfield Missouri OTA HD Channels?
  201. antenna in attic
  202. How many scanlines does HDTV have?
  203. is there a site that says
  204. Comcast's "This channel will be available shortly"
  205. Over the Air Tuner
  206. HD programs OTA on standard broadcast channels
  207. never mounted
  208. tuner problems- New HD Station
  209. UHF Antenna
  210. Higher antenna or horizontal stacking?
  211. Question about OTA Direction
  212. No Audio on HD TV Reception OTA ??
  213. OTA quality compared to satellite/cable?
  214. The BEST Indoor antenna if you are 10-15 miles from source
  215. Digital Station for Fox In Houston, Tx
  216. OTA HD reception in Memphis area
  217. Discovery HD on Comcast
  218. Old dish for antenna?
  219. Nashville NBC affiliate - WSMV - no HD
  220. Can't get HD Local Channels!!
  221. Westinghouse 32" channel trim issues
  222. Audio Levels Up & Down / How to file complaint?
  223. OTA HD Tuner / DVR????
  224. Chicago Comcast
  225. Info on Huntsville, AL stations
  226. Need advice on set up for HDTV in Chicago area
  227. using UHF?
  228. Newbie to HD
  229. How to Install Balcony Apartment Outdoor Antenna
  230. ? for Tigerbangs
  231. Question about locals in Indianapolis area
  232. Anybody have a problem with Home Owners Association forbidding antenna?
  233. Signal breakup from HDTV
  234. Antenna hookup on VCR
  235. HD channels are small
  236. Bad Weather = Bad HD Reception
  237. indoor antenna
  238. Torn in Detroit - CM4228 or a hd7084p
  239. I finally got my hd locals to work.
  240. No reception on a number of channels - help!
  241. Need advise on antenna for 42103
  242. Is it easy to put outdoor antenna on roof?
  243. what antenna should i start with?
  244. OTA Antenna HD Question (Hollywood, CA)
  245. Need help ASAP
  246. help me pick an antenna
  247. Need help with local hd, dish network, Quad Cities
  248. Prison Break in HD???
  249. One HDTV has all the stations and the other one upstairs doesn't!
  250. Can't get CBS (WFSB) Hartford, CT
  251. HDtv help
  252. Radio Shack Indoor Antenna Question
  253. OK, need some help with OTA reception
  254. Sony HDTV vs Sylvania Plasma TV
  255. What is the best antenna?
  256. ?...Proximity to switch box
  257. Show Me Your Antennas!!
  258. Channels available in one TV and not in the Other
  259. Samsung DTB-H260F
  260. Should my next TV have a QAM tuner?
  261. ota hd dvr
  262. Locals not on Dish. Need Antenna info. Louisville, KY
  263. HD reception in 36608
  264. DTV channel(s) Freeze/Lock issues
  265. Hisense OTA Hd Reciever problem
  266. looking for a good HDTV antenna
  267. Need lots of help!
  268. Help with OTA AL
  269. New to antenna's
  270. analog vs dtv designated channels
  271. Comcast Digital is Blurry...how come?
  272. Expert Guidance requested - need setup advice and instructions.
  273. Richmond Virginia Area Broadcasters
  274. How do I keep from Losing Signal???
  275. CBS-HD and ABC-HD issues
  276. help with antenna
  277. NBC HD Issues - Especially Heroes
  278. Sometimes simplest is best
  279. Trying to get things straight...
  280. Combining Rabbit Ears and Cable
  281. Total Newbie Question; DVR for OTA
  282. New DB4
  283. Indoor/Outdoor does it matter?
  284. The Bullet
  285. CBS 2.1 no signal
  286. Local OTA HD antenna??
  287. Los Angeles Channel 13 - Are you seeing this?
  288. Totally lost on OTA
  289. Syracuse, NY area...
  290. What's my best bet to get digital signal?
  291. Totally lost!
  292. Am I going to have to cough up $100+ for an antenna?
  293. How are these antennas?
  294. Some VERY basic questions (new member)
  295. Best UHF indoor antenna?
  296. I need HELP!!!
  297. Outdoor Antenna
  298. OVA for 18702
  299. just lost local HD channes on H20
  300. OTA/Dolby 5.1
  301. Stacking antennas
  302. Attic antenna OK in stucco house?
  303. AT&T and OTA
  304. TERK TV-32 Antenna Advice
  305. DISH adds local channels-only option
  306. Ota Dvr
  307. local channels
  308. HD CBS in Milwaukee
  309. Newbie Needs Ant
  310. signal question
  311. February 2009
  312. Another antenna question
  313. Help with my CM 4248, please
  314. Need some antenna help from the experts????
  315. Los Angeles OTA Antenna
  316. Will filtering out CATV OOB data, bypass channel mapping assignments?
  317. Help with internal antenna selection for OTA HD reception
  318. DT -100 and OTA HD reception
  319. My analog only CBS local denied my 'distant locals' waiver request for HD channel
  320. Samsung HLP 5063 - 1080i
  321. Multicasting Question
  322. Amp for VU-190XR in 60506
  323. Can't get HDTV channels in the Hartford, CT area
  324. OTA antenna question (picture inside)
  325. Problems with HD channels...
  326. Area Code 42701
  327. dirt bike engine interference
  328. Combine 2 UHF antennas?
  329. Strange (BUZZING) on local HD channels
  330. Screen "flashing"
  331. What will happen to old analog channels?
  332. HD on Cable w/o a Box
  333. WoW it seems poor reception is standard-me too
  334. Poor reception CM3671
  335. help with these two channels - antenna advise?
  336. ATSC tuners Sony vs Sharp?
  337. Channel Changing by itself
  338. Rockport, ME -OTA from scratch
  339. OTA HDTV antenna for BayArea and resource
  340. Hawkinsville, GA/31036 Will an indoor antenna work
  341. Alright all you HD veterans....? 4 ya
  342. ota indoor antenna
  343. Can I use satellite dish as an outdoor HD antenna?
  344. Dropping Cabelvision
  345. Help - Keep losing signal using HDMI
  346. how about a little help for a new guy?
  347. Dallas, TX - best HD source
  348. antenna selection help! Esmond IL area.
  349. brighthouse connection freezing
  350. Lost Signal for Local HD 47.1 in Houston, TX
  351. Time Warner Cable Queens NYC HD Channels as of 9/24/07
  352. OTA HD in Cox Basic Cable? OKC
  353. OTA antenna
  354. Light switches causing AMPLIFIER problems?
  355. I'm in area code 95129 and I'm wondering...
  356. HD Heaven, Hahaha...
  357. Cant get digital or hd channels
  358. DVR522 trying to get OTA HD via Tv2
  359. Clip On Antenna Blues
  360. VHF HD channel reception
  361. Best OTA antenna for My location
  362. HD Chanels
  363. Preamp & Grounding Block
  364. Reception Question For 72553
  365. Help: over-the-air channels are only black and white!
  366. Move comes with OTA difficulties...
  367. Best indoor HD antenna - SE Mass
  368. No HD locals anytime soon in Indianapolis
  369. Terk TV44 replacement need ideas
  370. Down to 3 choices
  371. Which antenna in Greensboro NC
  372. How Can I Enter Sub-Channels Directly?
  373. Antenna/NC
  374. Pioneer PDP-5060HD Plasma TV-...$650,Nokia N95.... 250usd,Playstation 3(60GB]).. $230
  375. OTA Antenna Upgrade!
  376. Is the shutdown of analog TV going to be like the Y2K bug... only for real
  377. espn hd tonight???
  378. UHF/VHF antenna just as VHF
  379. Im new,-----Need advice please----
  380. Antenna for 72120
  381. No HDTV OTA on Hauppauge 1600
  382. Free premium channels...did I hook up correctly ?!
  383. Need advice in Michigan please!
  384. Three Dallas stations broadcasting local news in HDTV
  385. Will This Antenna Be Effected By Fcc Changes
  386. Channel "4.1" ???
  387. Antenna cable routing ?
  388. Need Help with RCN and HDTV
  389. Multi-Directional Antennas
  390. Antenna for McKinney, TX?
  391. Unable to pick up most OTA HDTV with rooftop antenna (also not sure what type of ante
  392. Help find antenna installer in Boston, MA area
  393. New Digital Channels Popped Up
  394. OTA Reception
  395. local hd channels
  396. Local OTA digital channel guide
  397. what Antenna?...Battle Creek, MI
  398. Why do they still use VHF with the new digital sys ?
  399. Fringe: Napoleonville, LA. Please help with equipment choice.
  400. OTA Help - PM from bocephus12
  401. Please help...Bought HDTV but I do not have access to HD service
  402. Outdoor antenna installation
  403. Insigina ATSC tuner....got it working.
  404. Chimney Mount Question
  405. CM4228 antenna gain
  406. Problem receiving local HD channels via QAM
  407. Choosing between 3 indoor antennaes
  408. Just moved.... need help
  409. No Hi Def with cable
  410. Dorm Room antenna in Boston, MA
  411. Chimney Mount
  412. New HDTV antenna release
  413. Feedback Needed....
  414. Is Satellite signal better then Cable?
  415. Questions About Hdtv Shows
  416. West Michigan CBS Affilaite Reception Issue
  417. which outdoor antenna
  418. Watching NFL HD games on CBS in Cincinnati
  419. TV and Zip as requested
  420. Reception in my area
  421. skamp2
  422. Issue w/ Comcast "On Demand"
  423. One more question regarding local channels
  424. Channel 39.1 and 39.2 not working with COX and QAM
  425. An antenna choice
  426. OTA info/help
  427. OTH options for Gladewater, Tx
  428. OTA antenna hookup
  429. Baton Rouge Antenna Advice Needed
  430. Question about HD picture/reception
  431. just got HD and look for an antenna
  432. hd antenna
  433. Tree Interference?
  434. South Bend, IN - Question about OTA antenna
  435. Need help selecting an antenna for local channels
  436. Rent blu-ray movies ?
  437. Weather effects on OTA HD
  438. Antenna bargain in Southern California
  439. High Definition Antenna in chicago - Can't get channel 5
  440. Farmington, CT reception
  441. time based HD Broadcast reception
  442. OTA % for good pic quality
  443. Antenna advice for Irvine, CA
  444. New to all this HDTV stuff can someone help
  445. Final Post-transition Digital TV Channel Table Now Available
  446. High Definition Antenna Vendor Expert Needed! MD
  447. BREAKING NEWS FROM CA: High-definition TV available over the air, attorney says
  448. Advice needed for Laredo, Tx.
  449. Rooftop antenna-new lcd tv-what will my picture look like?
  450. Buying first HDTV what Antenna do i need
  451. Which Antenna?
  452. Tuning issues
  453. Any AntennaCraft 8 Bay UHF Antenna Super G 1483 users?
  454. Fresh Install some pixellation???
  455. Real Quick Question. Help Please.
  456. OTA Splitter Question
  457. Help Please
  458. I know - nobody likes indoor antenna
  459. Any DB8 antenna owners out there?
  460. Signal Strength Meters
  461. Which is better DLP,LCD, or Plasma
  462. Finally put up an antenna, wow what a difference!
  463. Long distance Reception in Kansas?
  464. Pittsburgh channels problems
  465. digital reception ota
  466. Sudden signal drop
  467. Audio Dropping issues
  468. antenna reception
  469. New to HDTV Help please
  470. Need an antenna for Shrevport locals, from 80 miles away
  471. HDTV Reception?!
  472. AMD unveils TV Wonder 600 USB, 650 PCIe HD tuners
  473. Comcast scrambles somebody's VCR recordings.
  474. Question on 'My TV' and 'CW TV' Broadcasts
  475. Strange - the DTV power is higher than the ATV power (WRC-DC)
  476. 3rd. Satalitte hookup
  477. Antenna recommendations needed for Local HD
  478. OTA HD Philadelphia PA?
  479. Dual NTSC and ATSC Tuner
  480. Antenna upgrade for improving reception
  481. RCA ANT111 antenna in Atlanta area
  482. Lehigh Valley Area OTA HD
  483. Put an indoor antenna on the roof?
  484. Why did my reception change?
  485. Splitter Question
  486. Static and streaking in picture
  487. Fox help in Charlotte, NC
  488. Cable boxes w/ FireWire - Good for D-VHS owners (if it's accurate)
  489. Would new antenna help?
  490. Do I need an antenna?
  491. No more analog NSTC tuners after 2009?
  492. OTA stopped working after 8 months...
  493. DTV receiver that outputs FireWire?
  494. FM antenna/HDTV antenna help
  495. I am lost...
  496. Rotr100 Rotor 18v 80MA
  497. Newbie Asks: HDTV over-air?
  498. Local HDTV Reception
  499. Newbie OTA question...
  500. I dont understand Antennaweb.org - Pls Help