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Rear-Projection TVs

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  1. 42" to under 50" Suggestions?
  2. Rear pr. 43UWX10B color problems
  3. What is average bulb life
  4. samsung 56 dlp should i change bulb
  5. Blown Lamp Solution for Mitsu
  6. New 1080p 22" monitor selection. HELP!
  7. Overscan problem.
  8. How to clean mirror on JVC 52" DLP?
  9. Mitsubishi WD-62525 DLP Problems
  10. Quick question from an HDTV newbie
  11. Problem with 56" Samsung DLP HDTV: Screen flicker
  12. WD-52725 No Picture, SOLID GREEN light!!?
  13. Sony KDF-E60A20 Dark Picture
  14. Cleaning a Projection TV
  15. Samsung HL-R5067 Pink and Green lines w/DVD
  16. Help: Samsung HL-R5067 Green and Pink lines
  17. Samsung HLP5063W
  18. Wavy lines in Samsung CRT TV (SP55W3HF )
  19. Lower School Classroom Projector BenQ MP623 vs MP624
  20. Samsung HL-S6187W ????'s
  21. Information about Mitusubishi WS-55809
  22. Problems with a JVC HD-ILA TV
  23. Hi Guys! *and gals* HELP! :)
  24. Sony KDS-R60XBR2: Green Blob returns
  25. SonyKF-42E200 after lamp replacement...
  26. Mitsubishi WD-62627 DLP Problem
  27. Is there a way to read counter on Samsung sets
  28. rca hdtv dlp 61" problem
  29. Power Problem with HLR5067W?
  30. Newbie needs to know what to get for around $1000-$1200 or so...
  31. Mitsubishi WS-55313 fuse blowing, no power
  32. 64" Pioneer Elite Question
  33. Video is green when using DVD player
  34. DLP With Problems...
  35. Philips 60PP9910/17 Service Manual?
  36. Toshiba stopped working...
  37. Samsung "Blinking Green Light"
  38. Unsupported Audio ???
  39. help with toshiba dlp power supply part number
  40. Are DLP's the only thing that is 3d gaming ready?
  41. LED DLP for europe?
  42. KDS 60A3000 shuts down suddenly
  43. Help with part # HLR5067w
  44. Hitachi 51SWX20B info needed - how much do I pay
  45. Mitsubishi WS-65313
  46. Questions on Mitsubichi 65 DLP
  47. Screen Shadow
  48. toshiba dlp with onkyo HD reciever problems
  49. Sony KDFE55A20 problems
  50. KDFE42A10 Defective Bulb?
  51. Help Samsung HLS5087 RGB PROBLEM
  52. Is it worth updrading to an LCD?
  53. Resolution questions
  54. looks like no power.please...help
  55. Vizio/DirecTV HD Issues
  56. HELP with my Toshiba DLP TV!!!
  57. Hitachi 46F500 and Blu-Ray
  58. Samsung HLS6187 image cut with bluray-help
  59. Just looking for some advice.....
  60. Surround Sound Hook-up for 73" Mitsubishi?
  61. Samsung DLP bulb dying slow?
  62. 50" Sony Wega artifacts problem
  63. Samsung HLS5087 picture problem
  64. Repair Manual for Mitsubishi WS-55513
  65. toshibia 52hmx84
  66. 43 inch hitachu tv
  67. Samsung HL61A750A1FXZA Sound Issue
  68. Samsung HL67A750 and PS3 volume issues possibly HDMI..Need Help
  69. software upgrade for HDTV and Blue-Ray Player
  70. 1080i input on an old Hitachi 4:3 HDTV
  71. Sony KP-51WS520 Cable has gone grainy after power surge
  72. Popping Sound Issue on Samsung HLS4266W
  73. Missing part of picture w/ Toshiba 51H83 Rear Projection
  74. Please help with my DLP Samsung HLP4663
  75. Mitsubishi WD-65734 light spots on black screen
  76. Hitachi 51F510 screen position ....
  77. Samsung hln5065 Rainbow
  78. Toshiba 56" DLP - fix or replace?
  79. SONY TV OWNERS: Share Your Personal Settings!
  80. Strange convergence problem with Samsung
  81. How to Replace Light Engine in a Toshiba 56HM195
  82. What to Buy? Mitsu or Vizio??
  83. Not quite what I'd expected
  84. kp-57ws500 to much green in pic
  85. Eprom for Panasonic PT-61LCX65
  86. KDF50WE655 flicker
  87. Green Picture
  88. What's the difference bwtn the Mitsubishi WD-Y657 and the other Mitsu 65"ers???
  89. Options for a busted HDMI port
  90. mit wd 60735 help
  91. Mit wd65735
  92. Just Wait to Let it Die, or Fix
  93. Toshiba 65H84 POP help
  94. Samsung HLt6176S Service menu and bulb replacement ?
  95. Problem with Samsung HL-P5685W
  96. Has anyone tryed out advanced lamps?
  97. Hitachi 51" (51F510) Rear Projection $$
  98. Samsung HL61A750 DLP vS Pioneer pdp-6020 Plasma
  99. Samsung HL67A750 won't respond to remote conrol.
  100. Samsung HL-P5063W picture is only in black and white
  101. bulb question - Samsung HLP5685W - BP96-00677A - different bulbs with same part #
  102. Hitachi LCD... has YELLOW tint across top of screen
  103. Why Are Certain Features On My SXRD Greyed Out And Unavailable?
  104. Screen Position Adust Toshiba 46HX83
  105. Whats wrong with my Sony KP-51WS500?
  106. is my bulb dying?
  107. Samsung HLR5067W freezing
  108. Mits WS55513 DVD Issues
  109. Please help with Samsung HL-5688W
  110. Clean JVC crt's
  111. Help/Suggestion please! Benq E2200 HD
  112. crazy glue problem
  113. help with Samsung HLN507W
  114. Mits wd-62527 screen splotchy
  115. how do i get rid of excessive red in picture?
  116. Shop Mode problem with Samsung HL-S6187W.
  117. Hole in screen from wii remote. Mitsubishi DLP
  118. Samsung hl r5078w and HD Fury 1080p vga
  119. Mitsubishi WD-65C8 65''
  120. Tosh 62HMX84 and LG BluRay picture quality
  121. Now Here's The Most Serious "Issue" I'm Having With Wondering If It's My RPHDTV...
  122. Sony KF-50WE610
  123. Sony KDF-E60A20 problems
  124. video settings for a hitachi 50vs69a
  125. Mits WD-65835 Buying Help
  126. Samsung DLT TV Keeps Turning Itself ON!!!
  127. A/V desynchronization with Mitsubishi WD-73835
  128. Artifacts
  129. Color bars
  130. Mitsubishi DLP 62725 HDMI audio question
  131. mits wd-57731 ?
  132. Acting Strangely
  133. Upgrading the video in my HT
  134. Sony SXRD optical block issue?
  135. Why Do I Need To Set "Sharpness" With The BD Calibration Disc?
  136. Seeing yellw spots
  137. Samsung HLP5063W problems
  138. Panasonic PT-50DL54J Ballast Replacement Question
  139. Looking to buy a Samsung DLP HDTV - Feedback request
  140. Need advice on buying a used CRT TV...
  141. New Lamp In Sammy - Amazing!
  142. Toshiba 46H84 No picture, no sound
  143. Sony KDS50A2000 settings help
  144. motor noise
  145. Hi from NH - DLP Question
  146. Samsung hls4266w advice needed
  147. For sale Sony lamp (XL2100U)
  148. Panny RPTV Lamp Life....Help?!
  149. Need help figuring out why my 3 yr old tv looks better than my new one, please
  150. Hitachi 55" UltraVision® LCD Projection HDTV
  151. Sony Optical Block Repair Reimbursement
  152. How Can I Be Sure "1080p" Video Is Passing To My Display (Through Receiver)?
  153. Power Consumption
  154. Toshiba 46H83
  155. Mitsubishi WD-52631 stutters
  156. Mitsubishi wd-65735 service code needed :)
  157. Need REPLACEMENT LAMP FOR MITSUBISHI WL-82913 model 915P016010
  158. RCA scenium
  159. DLP: screen flickers /green tint?
  160. inputs not working
  161. Just popped a bulb on my 52in DLP Toshibia. $249 later
  162. Replacement lamp for Sony KDSR-60XBR1?
  163. HELP. i need to connect my rear projection tv with my ps3 in HD
  164. Samsung HLP4663W suppresses audio from receiver
  165. Sony KP-51WS510 No HD Picture
  166. To All Sony SXRD RP TV owners?
  167. When a light engine is dying...
  168. Problem with Mitsubishi ws-65857
  169. Samsung 61" DLP (HL-S6186W) - Can't select 16:9 Wide-Fit
  170. Problem w/ Samsung 56" DLP
  171. Problems with our Samsung HLT6187S
  172. Samsung 42" DLP???
  173. Question about 51" rear projection Hitachi (black shadow at bottom of screen)
  174. Mitsubishi WD-57731 green dots on display
  175. Samsung HLS-5086WX White Dots
  176. Toshiba 57H84, blue screen of death...
  177. bulb change no better
  178. Could some please as to clue me in on a color wheel?
  179. Sony Grand Wega KDF-E60A20 "black, muted screen"
  180. Sony KDS-50A3000 HELP
  181. Need some advice on my rear projection Hitachi.
  182. sony rear proj tv prob with green and purple out lines
  183. 50" dlp problem
  184. Sony KDF-E42A10 - Picture goes blank
  185. Bulb at good price
  186. Samsung HLR4266W not detecting HDMI input
  187. Samsung HLR5067W problem
  188. Apex GB65HD09W "Convergence"??
  189. TVGOS and Mistubishi 2007 & 2008 TV's with the feature
  190. Samsung DLP resolution settings
  191. Samsung DLP - Picture problems...maybe new PCB?
  192. Sound sync problem
  193. Light Engine Replacement
  194. Is DLP's dead?
  195. Toshiba 62hm15a won't power up
  196. toshiba 42H82 half screen and thin lines
  197. First HDTV/ Considering DLP
  198. Samgung HLM507w No sound
  199. Toshiba DLP 44hm85
  200. hitachi 46f510 and macbook
  201. Replaced bulb, still have a problem.
  202. Picture issue with Samsung HL-S4666W
  203. Please help me choose a TV by Fri..All input needed
  204. Picture Problem with Samsung HL-S6187W
  205. How I fixed my Sony front panel jacks.
  206. panasonic on/off 3 Blink signal code????
  207. Mitsu 55" Rear Proj.
  208. Help Replacing Bulb on LG DLP?
  209. Digital Video Essentials (DVE) question
  210. hitachi 55vs69a
  211. Problems with Windows XP using a Sony DLP as a monitor
  212. Auto Convergence & Geometry problems
  213. panasonic pt53x54j
  214. Samsung HLR5677W cause HD-DVR to reboot
  215. mitsubishi ws-48313 ?
  216. Toshiba - lamp life
  217. TVGOS & Mits menu interface; missing 'Change system settings' tab under Setup
  218. Light Engines for the Sony KDF 50",60" Same?
  219. Samsung 61A750
  220. soooo is my tv about to go?
  221. Daewoo DSC-34W70N Service Menu Code?
  222. Samsung HLS4266W
  223. Is Jvc HD-52z575 comaptible w/ Blu Ray players??
  224. Phillips 55PP935217
  225. Broken Samsung HLR5688WX
  226. Mitsu 60735 issue
  227. Samsung DLP HLS6187W white dot and black horizontal line
  228. New Tv
  229. COLORWHEEL issue SHARP 65" DLP hdtv???????
  230. Sony KDS-A3000 60 Inch Shutting off on its own
  231. White Dots on Samsung HL-S4266W
  232. Convergence on KDF50WE655?
  233. Cracked Sony KDF-46E2000 screen
  234. Mitsubishi WD-65831 picture problem
  235. Samsung HLN567W picture quality
  236. Mitsubishi Diamond Picture Problem
  237. Reliability
  238. How to determine bulb hours on Mits WD-52631
  239. RCA 52inch lines
  240. RCA HD61W66 questions :]
  241. Hitachi Pojection 51F59
  242. HD settings for Hitachi 51F59.
  243. Hooking up computer to RCA 52 inch HDTV
  244. Used Toshiba
  245. Samsung 61A650 or 61A750??
  246. Samsung HL-R4667W Green Screen of Death!!
  247. Vizio RP56 intermitent bad pic
  248. Someone please help
  249. Hitachi 51F59 color problem
  250. Subwoofer and tv question
  251. 57 inch Hitachi hd TV 600$ good deal?
  252. 4 year old Mitubishi DLP
  253. Samsung HL-R5678W DLP problem/question
  254. HL67A750 or WD-65835
  255. Blinking green light
  256. Need to clean interior screen on Philips Rear Projection TV
  257. Samsung TXR3265 blue screen
  258. Mitsubishi vs-50803 Repair help! No picture,only sound
  259. $4000 and under
  260. Sony KDF-50E2000
  261. SONY KDS 60A2000 HDMI Problem
  262. Mitsubishi hours?
  263. Help!!!Samsung 67 inch DLP screen is red
  264. toshiba 50h82 convergance problem
  265. RCA DLP HDTV Won't display HD signal
  266. Light Engine Replacement
  267. Help with my Mits WD 57734
  268. Mits WS-65713 General Question
  269. Samsung Customer Care Center
  270. question about tv hook up
  271. Need urgent help pls
  272. Horrible Ghosting on Samsung 50" DLP 720p
  273. Samsung HL-R5067W hard to turn on
  274. Calibrated!
  275. Horizontal stripes on Sony 50" LCD WEGA
  276. Is my Samsung SP43W6HPX TV able to play xbox in HD?
  277. blu ray and dlp question
  278. KDS50A2000....How can I check the bulb hrs. on my SXRD?
  279. Mitsubishi WD62725 disappointing
  280. Repair vs. Replacement decision
  281. Rate This TV
  282. Mitsubishi WD-73727 Banding Problems
  283. Help with Samsung
  284. samsung 56 dlp picture quality
  285. Question about fan in a Mits. DLP tv.
  286. Picture quality after lamp replacement
  287. Toshiba won't turn on.
  288. Where in Houston to get Toshiba DLP lamp?
  289. Help with Mitsubishi WD-60735
  290. Lamp ??
  291. Samsung HL-T6187s LED DLP and the 120hz myth
  292. Philips 55" RPT no picture
  293. My sammy dlp lamp hours
  294. RCA Scenium Blurry picture &...
  295. Service Experience
  296. lamp question JVC HD-56FH97
  297. Samsung HCN4226W won't run in 720p?
  298. Warranty repair problems Mitsubishi 65"
  299. phillips 50"dlp help!
  300. Help Mitsubishi WD-57734
  301. Are RP TVs a Thing of the Past?
  302. Hitachi 50vs69A(Both temp/lamp lights blinking)
  303. RCA HD50LPW175 bulb replaced, did not fix problem!
  304. Samsung DLP Picture is off alignment
  305. Looking for a 36"-42" HDTV for parents.
  306. buying parent new HDTV. Is DLP the way to go?
  307. Do I Need A New Bulb?
  308. Why won't my Mitsubishi turn on?
  309. TOSHIBA 62HM15 Turns off?
  310. voltage spike on Mitsu 65"
  311. Samsung DLP 56' shut off by itself
  312. Flickering with Toshiba 62hm195
  313. is this tv 1080 or not?
  314. Mitsubishi WS 55313
  315. Mitsubishi WD-Y65
  316. KDS-R50XBR1 optic block warranty from sony
  317. Sony KP-57WS500 help
  318. DLP help
  319. LG DLP Remote help!!
  320. Got HD box but my HD channels arent in 1080 (Mitsu)
  321. Bulb Not Covered in Sams Club Ext. Warranty?
  322. Anyone Here Own a Sony KD34XBR970 HDTV?
  323. Half the screen is brighter
  324. pencil thin red and blue horizontal lines
  325. Mitsubishi WD-52627 Blue vertical line
  326. samsung DLP stuck mirror
  327. mitsubishi WS55813
  328. Is my TV any good?
  329. Onkyo TR805 receiver with Panasonic Blu Ray DMP30 Player
  330. older 2001 72"toshiba for free
  331. Toshiba 50h12 problem
  332. Samsung DLP keeps turning off when playing xbox?
  333. Help, need to remove protection screen off Mitsu medallion 1080
  334. Bulb Life on my DlP
  335. Does Sharpness Affect "Grainy" Appearance?
  336. Sony KDF-E55A20 unique problem, yes/no???
  337. Samsung HLS6167W problem
  338. Toshiba problem
  339. Hitachi rear projection life expectancy?
  340. Is It Common To Need Program Material To Adjust After Calibration?
  341. Screen issues with 56mx195
  342. Samsung HLR5078W problems
  343. Sony KDS-55A3000 power loop
  344. Samsung HL-P5063W picture has gone black and white
  345. Sony KDF-55WF655 and blue light
  346. Pull the trigger on a Samsung HL61A750?
  347. samsung hlp4663 problem
  348. Calibrating an HDTV with a Standard Def DVD Setup Disc...
  349. Samsung HLR5067W
  350. Sony lamp
  351. red,blue and green dots on and off
  352. RCA Scenium 50" Bulb & Fan Question
  353. Tv Convergence
  354. Motherboard Replacement
  355. What to clean reflector with?
  356. RCA 52w59 won't come on
  357. Panasonic-No Sound
  358. LG 52sx4d getting flashing red light
  359. Need help with a decision...new to this
  360. Toshiba 62HM15A no video yes sound
  361. anybody interested in making a couple extra bucks?
  362. Mitz ws65907 & 65908, same sys board?
  363. Hitachi projection TV-green smear??!
  364. Should I stick with DLP or move on? Opinions please
  365. Samsung HL61A750A Green Screen...HELP
  366. Sony SXRD 50 XRB problems - again
  367. Samsung 56" HLT5676S - Screen is sagging
  368. Samsung whirring sound and blinking picture
  369. Now I'm Getting "Little Black Dashes or Lines" on My SXRD...
  370. light engine ??
  371. Rca Hd50lpw42yv2 Issue
  372. Lg 52sx4d-ub
  373. Philips 60PP9363, worth buying?
  374. Major Problems with Sony Wega KDF-50WE655
  375. My Phillips DLP is dying
  376. Mitsubishi WD-73727 Light engine replacement
  377. Is It "Common" To Need Actual Program Material Instead Of Test Patterns Sometimes?
  378. Samsungs Next Model LED-DLP???
  379. How Do You Calibrate For Cable Input?
  380. This is going to be a shot in the dark.
  381. What's The Deal With Sony's "Noise Reduction"?
  382. Philips Model #9P5034C102
  383. mits ws55311
  384. DLP lamp replacement
  385. power supply on mits ws65819
  386. sony kp-wt520 red blinking
  387. All you mitsubishi owners
  388. Samsung DLP problem, color is not real
  389. Mitsubishi 57" DLP shutting down Please help!
  390. Trouble with Samsung HL-R4667W DLP, Please Help
  391. Really pleased with picture, but can it get better?
  392. Sony KDS-602020; picture dropping out
  393. RGB input on my Pioneer SD-582HD5
  394. samsung HLS5086W high-pitch noise / 3 lights
  395. New Sony XBR1 lawsuit over 1080p
  396. Mitsubishi WD-62527 blotches and burn-in
  397. Where's the best place to buy a lamp?
  398. Anybody body with a mitsubishi wd-65735 please help
  399. looking for insight on replacement
  400. Storing a DLP TV?
  401. Is this to big?
  402. 4:3 tv with "letterbox" black bars
  403. I cant get my tv to play in 1080p
  404. Do I need to get the housing with my new Samsung DLP bulb?
  405. Is this a good TV?
  406. Problems with my Harmony 880 and Sammy TV
  407. The Benefits of Lowering Sharpness?
  408. Ballast for Hitachi 50VS810????
  409. Losing Inputs on Mitsubishi WD-65833
  410. mits ws65819
  411. vs810 blown out by power surge?
  412. HDTV tweaking.
  413. Mitsubishi WD 735 vs 736
  414. Problems with Mits. WS-55807
  415. LG 52" Model RU52SZ51D lamp replacement
  416. Anyone help with a broken Pioneer?
  417. Toshiba No Picture?
  418. Spiders Insider Sony KDS-50A2000 Screen
  419. analysis paralysis
  420. sony ksd 60a2000 with PS3 problems?
  421. Best picture settings for a Toshiba 53H71
  422. i just had the mitsu wd-73736 dlvd.
  423. Panasonic 43In DLP Major Color Issue
  424. Sony SXRD XRB2 "Bulb" message
  425. on Mit52525 what does everything mean on menu 2470
  426. Hitachi 51G00s S Power off malfunction
  427. Mitsu 65907 - Parental Lock
  428. Dark Scratch on Mitsu DLP
  429. mitsubishi dlp 52525 is dim, when i go into service menu it brightens up.
  430. 60" VS. 73" need a little help
  431. Problems with black side panels
  432. Sony KDS-50A2020 SXRD's STANDARD Picture Mode...
  433. DLP looks like there is some sticky tape on the screen
  434. convergence help needed
  435. Samsung HLP5063W
  436. service remote 62sx4d
  437. Cleaning the Lenses?
  438. Help with Sony LCD decision
  439. Sony KDF-502000
  440. Hitachi 55" LCD "turning Blue "
  441. trouble finding stand for TLP-5063
  442. Dlp
  443. 50" Panasonic LCD Rear projection screen replacement
  444. Help for the technically challenged
  445. Color problem on Samsung HL-R4667W DLP
  446. Hitachi 57xwx20b
  447. New bulbs
  448. So do I buy this TV or pass? Please HELP!
  449. Trouble in TV Land
  450. Philips 50PP9202 50'' for 200$ (convergence issues)
  451. HLN5065W1X - Black & White
  452. Old Toshiba 48" Cinema Series
  453. Samsung DLP HL R5087W problem
  454. Samsung HL67A750 tweeking (best picture)
  455. How Do You Tell if Bulb Dead?
  456. Vertical Lines on Toshiba 62" DLP TV
  457. Toshiba 52HM95: screen freeze (HDMI problem?)
  458. Sharpness on the KDS-A2000 Series Sonys...
  459. Sony projection tv not looking good anymore
  460. LG RT 52SZ60DB, powers up, standby light blinks, 20 secs later switches off
  461. LG 52SX4D DLP - Green Screen
  462. Toshiba 56mx195 screen issue
  463. Toshiba 50H13 Convergence Problem - Especially Right Side
  464. My Samsung TXR3265 tube cracked for no reason
  465. Hd50LPW42 problems
  466. JVC HD-ILA and PS#
  467. HELP! What's wrong with My Mitsubishi DLP?
  468. New bulb...need to calibrate?
  469. Lg 52sx4d-ub
  470. blue screen, then shut down.
  471. SXRD: Sony Class Action. Did you get your check yet?
  472. Samsung HLR6167 problem
  473. Samsung HLR4667 Overheating???
  474. hitachi 60v500a green tint
  475. HD50LPW42 doesn't turn on
  476. burnt in??
  477. issue with samsung dlp tv
  478. Sony kdf-46e2000 problem, 3 red blinks
  479. Mitsubishi 73835
  480. Horizontal red line across screen - PT 52LCX35
  481. Sony 61" KP61S75
  482. 52" Rca Crt Hdtv
  483. Panasonic PT-53X54 coax broke off
  484. JVC 52 HD ILA sound
  485. Samsung HLT5676S on sale at Circuit City
  486. Mitsubishi or Samsung 73"
  487. My Samsung DLP Keeps Turning Off! Why?
  488. Need input on value of my Sammy DLP
  489. Samsung HCN4226WX/XAA Convergence Board??
  490. Help: Samsung SP-55W3HF multisystem TV
  491. where to get a new screen?
  492. 60" vs 65" - am I over thinking it?
  493. samsung HL-S5687W green&pink lines
  494. Sony SXRD Projection TV
  495. Samsung SP61L3HX Night picture
  496. Anyone bought a TV from Amazon or the like?
  497. 2006 Samsung HL-S5687W suffering from "Hot Spot"?
  498. Dead Pixels on a projection?
  499. Can only get VGA 640X480 on RCA 62" DLP to ATI 9600 in a HP NC8000 laptop over DVI.
  500. hitachi 60vx915

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