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Flat-Panel TVs

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  1. Samsung 7" tablet Free with F7500/F8000
  2. Which HDMI switch from Monoprice?
  3. TV Buzzing Sound
  4. Looking For A Little Help With My New ST60
  5. Patio TV
  6. Panasonic 42' PLASMA TC-P42U1 Problems
  7. Plasma Model TH 50PZ700U
  8. Panasonic TH-42PS9UK 42-Inch Plasma
  9. Would you take this closeout deal on PN51E7000?
  10. Magnavox 39MF412B/F7 Blows Fuse
  11. Panasonic TC-P50UT50 vs TC-P50ST60
  12. 47" Tv for console gaming
  13. Buying new 60" need help and advices!
  14. Panasonic TH-42PHD8UK Issue
  15. thoughts on Samsung 43" Plasma 720p 600Hz HDTV, PN43E450
  16. Concerned about the demise of Plasma......NOT
  17. 60" will do just fine (I think) but which one
  18. Need help deciding on a 55-60" LED
  19. It truly lives up to its reputation. Panasonic VT50
  20. HDTV for Very Bright Room. Plasma or LED?
  21. Gaming TV - Comparison Help Needed
  22. Picture settings on GT50
  23. Samsung UN55F8000 burring question
  24. Panasonic ST60 Review.
  25. Samsung lines on upper half of screen?
  26. What to buy between these choices???
  27. Value Electronics' 9th annual Shootout event
  28. Fox Sports logo burn-in or IR solutions?
  29. Toshiba tv takes long time to turn on
  30. Choose my 60" LED for me!!
  31. Media Player
  32. Samsung Parts
  33. best 50" LED TV?
  34. Help! HDMI problem
  35. New TV
  36. New TV time!!! Help me out friends :D Plus some Panasonic Plasma lovin'
  37. Panasonic Plasma TV's 2013 models
  38. Panasonic Plasma TV's 2013 models
  39. Panasonic Plasma ST50 Turns Off Mysteriously. Help!
  40. Lg 55ls4500 led tv
  41. Durability of flat panel TV's
  42. Can't get clean picture over HDMI -- what is broken?
  43. Need help deciding on an HDTV
  44. Need some suggestions
  45. Displays in reverse
  46. Samsung's F8500 PDP owners thread with reviews
  47. Please!! help me figure out whats wrong w my 55" LG LED (VIDEO INCLUDED)
  48. i can't select just scan as my aspect ratio?
  49. Plasma TV Audio Codec question - DTS/DTS ES
  50. LED TV's with 5.1 digital "pass through"
  51. TV Tuners
  52. Best Plasma for $1,000?
  53. Budget replacement for my 46" Sony Heater
  54. Samsung LCD TV all of a sudden having ghosting issues
  55. Panasonic may exit plasma tv production
  56. LG 60PA6500 799.00, Worth it
  57. More Samsung Problems
  58. 55" Vizio at Sam's Club
  59. 50Hz support on 60Hz North American TVs
  60. room lighting for Panasonic TC-P50UT50
  61. Noob Alert... What should I buy?
  62. clear voice II and infinite surround
  63. need some info about a tv i bought.
  64. best picture quality ideas?
  65. what's sharpness and contrast do?
  66. Super confused about sharpness setting
  67. Samsung black bars have turned blue
  68. Value Electronics' 9th annual Shootout event
  69. ST50 Cracked... get the same TV or Open Box VT50?
  70. Help With Viera Link
  71. looking for reviews for these TVs
  72. Panasonic 14 LED blink question
  73. Burn in with LED LCD tvs?
  74. Want to replace my 50" plasma with a 55" - 60" Plasma flat panel
  75. Westinghouse LTV 27w2 - backlight goes off
  76. Panasonic GT vs ST Plasma TVs
  77. Hi all, please help me pull the trigger
  78. Samsung LN40A550-PLEASE HELP-Opinions Needed!!
  79. Possible HDMI Handshake Issue....?
  80. HELP Samsung PN58B860 dark and grainy image.
  81. Samsung F8000 LED owners thread
  82. Looking for advice on new tv selection
  83. Can somebody tell me why my LCD looks like SDTV?
  84. Samsung 2013 product guide and model spicific data sheets
  85. Samsung F8500 all technical specs, pdf data sheet and prices
  86. Need help.. Samsung Plasma screen problem..
  87. Black and white image from DVD player
  88. Vizio m47osl
  89. Plasma dim screen w/retrace specs.
  90. Buy the Samsung LN40E550 or the Sony KDL-40BX450?
  91. Samsung 2013 F4500 and F5300 Shipping Now!
  92. Samsung LED TV HDMI mode not supported
  93. Sanyo FVD 5833
  94. Vizio E601i-A3 Repair
  95. screen damage
  96. Replace my V10 with a UT50?
  97. LED TVs
  98. Stretch To Fit - Greyed Out
  99. sun damage
  100. New models coming?
  101. wireless headphones for use with Samsung 40EH6000
  102. Waffling on a replacement TV--help me decide!
  103. LCD TV CCFL tubes
  104. Misc LCD TV boards
  105. Technosonic LCD3251 fault
  106. Plasma keeps shutting off(into hibernation). Symptoms inside.
  107. Cleaning LED Screen With Water Ruins It? Or Is It A Myth?
  108. Buy A New LED Television Or Wait For OLED?
  109. Samsung 46" help
  110. What calibration disk would you choose?
  111. Philips 42pf7320a/37a
  112. component cable via composite input
  113. Samsung LN40E550 ... having issues with horizontal movement
  114. Need help on a new HDTV for my new house!
  115. Help: Vizio Shadowing!
  116. hdtv for pc gaming under $500?
  117. Panasonic Media Player problem with flash drive jpegs from a Macintosh
  118. Sell KURO 500M for larger size
  119. IR on my new VT50 55"
  120. Help with BASIC (dummy) hookups for Hitachi 42hds69 plasma TV
  121. Band of green pixels on my panasonic plasma
  122. Samsung UN46C9000
  123. 50ST50 Component Sound Not Working (3.5mm to RCA)
  124. resolution and sound problem on HDMI port4 - Samsung 46" LE 46-A756
  125. How many HDMIs?
  126. Plasma or LCD
  127. zoom out
  128. Need help with sharp tv!!!
  129. Sharp HD TV and windows 7
  130. Help me pull the trigger on a 55" for $1000
  131. Where are all the Panasonics?
  132. sharp tv intermittently shuts off
  133. LG MCI (Motion Clarity Index)
  134. Panasonic Vt50 55' for 1,600
  135. Repair or Replace?
  136. Solid Green Screen - Samsung 40" LN-S4051D
  137. Lcd tv main boards , t con and power supply boards
  138. Large Format Display vs Plasma?
  139. Need help on deciding on a new TV!
  140. Help with TV choice please?
  141. Sony 46HX750 and SOny BDP-s590 blu ray player
  142. 2013 display advancements
  143. Vizio E320i-A0 experience
  144. 3D LED TV and Blu Ray Player Same Brand?
  145. Trying to Play Laptop through Panasonic Plasma
  146. vizio lcd hdtv registers as vga monitor instead of digita flat panel in ati ccc
  147. Sharp lc-60le640u 60" reads hx24 in display window
  148. Element HDTV randomly turns off
  149. LED Calibration?
  150. Buying a tv online
  151. Sharp led lcd LC-60le820 not turning on
  152. Please help me buy a TV
  153. Is the Vizio M3D651SV too big for me??
  154. Screen Settings for LG 50LS4000
  155. Should I Return This TV? - Sharp LC-70C8470U
  156. First hdtv with analog kdl40ex640 or kdl46hx750
  157. Am thinking of buying a Samsung UN60EH6000
  158. Help me with sharpness on my new Sony Bravia?
  159. 40 inch LED 1080p 120Hz: SAMSUNG vs TOSHIBA vs LG vs PANASONIC
  160. Lg 50ls4000
  161. In the market for a flat panel TV
  162. My new Samsung pn51e7000 poor black levels
  163. Calibrating a Panasonic TC-P60U50?
  164. Calibrating a Toshiba 50HPX95?
  165. Need help selecting a tv for a technophobe
  166. Samsung UN46ES6500FXZA vs Sony HX750
  167. Olevia S32-S13 Firmware Update HELP (Invalid Format)
  168. HP CPTOH-0603, PL5060N, Faint Snow
  169. New TV, Not Crazy About It! Ideas?
  170. Want a new 60" tv for gaming, budget ~$1000
  171. Color messed up - reds gone
  172. Shouldn't my TV be getting a digital signal??
  173. Panny ST30 and Web Browser?
  174. Cleaning LED screens
  175. Panasonic Viera Pixelation Problem Off USB HDD?
  176. Flickering dark horizontal bars appearing on screen
  177. Are bottom speakers very noticeable while watching/gaming on an HDTV?
  178. Panasonic TV's 1080p resolution looks awful
  179. Un60eh6050fxza
  180. Vizio E420i-A1 and calibration settings
  181. Sony HX750 vs Sony HX850
  182. Samung Plasma 42"
  183. Need settings for Toshiba39l22u led tv and I will send pics
  184. Plasma TVs and Black Bars from Movies
  185. Bought A New 65" Vizio "Smart TV"
  186. LCD 40" picture "burn in" playing nintendo ??
  187. Panasonic TC-P50ST50 Sound Issue
  188. Faces on tv are all blue
  189. Panasonic P50U50 - File Types, Codecs, and File Systems
  190. Getting the most out of my new TV
  191. Settings for Toshiba 39l22u
  192. Magnavox 50MF231D/37 Problem
  193. Samsung Firmware Update Probelm
  194. vizio m3d651sv
  195. Panasonic U50 vs VT25?
  196. Problems with new TV; input/help/suggestions appreciated.
  197. Panasonic St50 or GT50
  198. Saving for new LED...
  199. LG LED #32LS400 Audio out issue
  200. Plasma or LCD ?
  201. Samsung un55es7500 picture problems
  202. is my toshiba worth returning?
  203. Looking for Samsung with Picture and Picture
  204. Panasonic Plasma TH42PX75U
  205. 46" RCA LCD cracked screen !?
  206. Best HDTV in the $500 range
  207. ST50 & Netflix wifi stream ok....?
  208. Should I buy this LG 60PA6550?
  209. 2008 Pioneer Kuro: The best T.V. of all time?
  210. HDTV's for gaming.
  211. Vizio 55" screen went out
  212. Back in the maket for a 50"er
  213. HDTV's with a LOT of inputs...
  214. Sharp aquos lc-46d65u picture help please!!
  215. Dynex DX-LCD37 no picture, sounds is ok
  216. Sony XBR-55HX950 3D LED HDTV Review
  217. Panasonic th50pz77u after power loss jittery ota programing
  218. New PN51E530 & settings
  219. Sony's Blinking (diagnostic) lights Codes.
  220. Sony KDL32L4000-Dark shades
  221. Samsung HPT4254 problem
  222. Who has the sharp lc70le847u
  223. Vizio E601i-A3 60" DLNA Problem / Trouble
  224. Gaming on 60 Hz or 120 Hz?
  225. Equal Horizontal bars of ghost images/colors across entire screen
  226. Not sure what to do
  227. help with new vizio tv m3d470kd
  228. Help with my LCD Samsung!! Whites are pink!!
  229. Black Ops GT50 settings
  230. Plasma Green Lt, Red Lt, Click, Buzz Oh My!
  231. Sharp 60" aquos 3D 240hz issues
  232. Best "non-smart" LED TV?
  233. Please help decide between PANNY ST50 or Samsung PN60E550 60-Inch!
  234. Vizio E601I-A3 Issue or Receiver Issue
  235. Panasonic TC-P55ST50: possible issue & questions
  236. Problems with Samsung TV. Ughhhh
  237. Plasma: question about whites
  238. If you HAD to choose between these two tv's which would you get?
  239. Adding an HDMI Port
  240. Problem downloading new firmware
  241. Need help with Pioneer PRO-607PU
  242. Panasonic TC-50PS14 10 blinking lights HELP
  243. How do you replace a board?
  244. Panasonic plasma
  245. Why is one LED monitor "yellower" than the other?
  246. Samsung series 7 51" Plasma No bueno!!
  247. Help Sony Vs Samsung question
  248. Panasonic TC-P65ST50
  249. Looking For Advice Deciding Which TV I Should Get?
  250. Lip Sync Issue with Vizio HDTV
  251. Samsung Plasma will change inputs on it's own.
  252. Vizio TV no sound unless I turn off and back on
  253. Panasonic Viera Optical audio out issue
  254. LG LM6200 VS Plasma Games - Ugggg!?!?!?!?!
  255. Need help deciding between two tvs
  256. Black Friday 60" LED
  257. Advice on buying 40-42" HDTV
  258. NO info on this samsung anywhere !!
  259. KDL32EX500 Poor Sound Quality Question
  260. LG 42LK550 or Sony KDL-42EX440
  261. LC-52LE640U or ......
  262. On the hunt for some help while on the hunt for a TV.
  263. Sharp 52" LED with green display/shadows
  264. Please Help Me Decide
  265. Calibrating a Panasonic TC-P58S2
  266. Should i sacrafice refresh rates for size?
  267. Question on audio dropouts with Panasonic Plasma
  268. LG 47LM4600 advice
  269. Playing video from USB drive won't use the Surround sound speakers?
  270. LG Westinghouse 4030 & PS3 Sound issues
  271. BEST gaming TV I can get today?
  272. Here Comes Black Friday
  273. 5 Best HDTVs under $800
  274. Can settings be changed for Vieracast?
  275. philips 40 plf4707 HDMI issue
  276. Samsung at BB - Should I do it?
  277. Hisense Scores CES Honors for 55-inch XT780 Google TV
  278. Just bought a Panasonic 65" VT50 and have some questions.
  279. Samsung Smart TV UE46ES5500 - no HDMI signal
  280. 50 inch tv?
  281. panasonic GREEN blinking L.E.D
  282. Sony bravia
  283. Cheapest LCD with HD tuner
  284. Crosley LCD TV needs to warm up?
  285. P65GT30 vs P65GT50, Panasonic Sale, Buy Now?
  286. Problem with my Samsung LEDTV. Need Guidance
  287. My 42" LCD is getting screen burned easy....
  288. Can you recommend a good 40 inch tv
  289. Panasonic TH-50PZ80U issues, ugh
  290. P50G25 Viera - 10 Blinks
  291. Line bleed on new plasmas
  292. Getting jaggies/stairstepping on 24 inch LED 1080p HDTV
  293. !! Samsung lcd sound but no picture!! Fix
  294. Review: Down and Out Swivel Mount
  295. Is this a good deal?
  296. Plasma or LED
  297. Help me diagnose this HD TV problem
  298. help choosing
  299. Panasonic Plasma TC-P42C2 no power at all
  300. Help Improving a Comprehensive Samsung LCD/LED & Plasma Guide
  301. during live tv slow motion rewinds flicker black and white?
  302. Recessed lighting placement re wall-mounted TV
  303. Magnavox LCD TV Color issues?
  304. 4 little red pixle dots on my screen
  305. Conundrum...optial output of DD/DTS signal.
  306. New to HD, needing several TVs...
  307. Using MyFilms On Samsung LN46C600 ?
  308. sony hx850 screen problem
  309. How to connect surround sound with samsung tv with no optical cable
  310. Best Value/Picture 32-40"
  311. New TV Dilemna
  312. Need HDTV w/good video proceesing via USB
  313. Which LED/LCD has best networking
  314. Defect?(Dark corner)
  315. Panasonic Viera Picture not as Sharp
  316. Need Help with my Toshiba 50 Plasma
  317. PLASMA IR (Image Retention aka Burn-in) reduction program 'read' :
  318. Need help please
  319. I have a 42"/PHILLIPS/?
  320. Brand new LED/LCD HDTV and I need opinions/help
  321. LG lcd screen problems
  322. plasma TV with horizontal and vertical line
  323. Late to the party
  324. 720P only jumping
  325. Economical replacement parts
  326. advice on HDTV to use as computer monitor and tv for mac mini
  327. Color distortion and ghosting on LCD flat screen
  328. Philips 42PF5521D plasma has green light blinking in a pattern
  329. Please help me choose a 32" HDTV
  330. Low end Magnavox 32ME402VF7
  331. Best LCD for under $500
  332. Sony LCD Picture Problem - wierd colors...
  333. Downloaded Media Playback
  334. new to plasma tvs
  335. Sharp LC-45GD6U Problem
  336. Panasonic plasma tv lines in picture.
  337. LED and Plasma purchase input
  338. HD viewing on LED screen?
  339. HDTV New Purchase
  340. Sharp Aquos LC-60C6400U
  341. Sharp LC-37D5U LCD controller to main board FFC HARNESS
  342. Panasonic TH-42PW4 Showing Weird Extremely Saturated Images
  343. Panasonic 50ST30 Viera Link Issue. Please help!
  344. HDMI Problems
  345. new to HDTV (plasma)
  346. Audio Dilemma
  347. Sceptre x46bv ---bad washout
  348. Help me pick a new TV
  349. sharp aquos
  350. Where to buy CRACKED Plasma or LCD screens?
  351. 40" class LED solution for lower end use
  352. Samsung LED & UK Sony BD player - mode not supported error
  353. In the market for new 55" or 60" plasma... should I wait?
  354. Help with 32 inch TV for dorm room? (Gaming and Movies)
  355. random static
  356. * Samsung vs Panasonic PLASMA *
  357. LCD? Plasma? DLP?
  358. Samsung LN-T4661F LCD - screen issues (Part Deux)
  359. New tv
  360. Vizio help: repair or replace?
  361. Panasonic TC-P50S30 wifi help
  362. Panasonic plasma Th-50ph9uk.
  363. Need help with configuring optimal resolution with Xbox 360 on Samsung LED TV
  364. Need help on new panny
  365. Panasonic Viera HELP!
  366. Panasonic TX-P42G10B 7 Red Blinks
  367. 40-50" LCD's with QAM?
  368. Are DVDs 24p like Blu Ray?
  369. LG LM6200 series and external speaker
  370. Panasonic TH46PZ80UA Failure.
  371. I messed up my new Toshiba 40L5200U LED tv
  372. Best True Motion 120hz TV under 32 inches?
  373. vizio E3D320VX support
  374. Is there a way to add more usb ports to an HDTV? Samsung?
  375. Input lag?
  376. need advice fast!!
  377. Vertical lines (with picture) on Samsung LCD TV (model LN-T3253H): TCON card???
  378. Panasonic Plasma
  379. Degaussing Coils
  380. Not sure what these settings mean.. HELP!
  381. Black bars into Gray bars
  382. Panasonic Plasma won't play sound through components
  383. Advice for first HDTV
  384. Which of these 3 models should I get?
  385. Panasonic VIERA TC-L32X5 32-Inch 720p 60Hz IPS LED-LCD TV
  386. Advice Needed in New TV Search.
  387. Does putting your TV in overscan..
  388. Is westinghouse crap? im on the fence! need impute!
  389. Do some LED TV's do this? Flicker of tv logo bottom screen on HD channels only
  390. New Panasonic TC-P50VT20 questions...
  391. Samsung LN46D630 - search and store channels ?
  392. software update on LG50PA6500
  393. "24p Real Cinema" feature on a 60hz Plasma??
  394. Do I need Samsung "Cinema Smooth?"
  395. a site for good free repair tips
  396. What to do: Pana Plasma or DT-40 LED
  397. Vizio lcd 1080i 37 in HDMI problems
  398. Error codes for Panasonic lcd Tc32lx60l.
  399. Which LG TV Is The Best?
  400. Here's one you might like Rizz....
  401. SONY Press release re: the new HX-950 55" & 65"
  402. Samsung Plasma-How to use shared input for both component and composite devices?
  403. Samsung LCD Problem
  404. First HDTV purchase - $500 Budget
  405. Samsung LCD TV Black Screen
  406. Please help me wall mount my tv...so sick of stupid manufacturer.
  407. Panasonic TC-P55ST50 break in
  408. Mitsubishi LT-52148 Stand
  409. Looking for a new TV. Suggestions
  410. Plasma glare
  411. Panasonic TH-42PA20 upper channel search
  412. Panasonic Or Samsung??
  413. Plasma's with bright whites?
  414. LG 50pa 6500 connections
  415. Buying advice for a bedroom HDTV
  416. Suggestions welcome! help me decide
  417. HDMI to Laptop, Sound to External Speakers?
  418. Insignia NS-LCD19F Volume Issues
  419. My Vizio is flickering please help
  420. Insignia NS-LCD19F turns the volume up by its self
  421. Viera Link Issues
  422. Component hook-up
  423. Plasma or LCD?
  424. Plazma Panasonic P50u50 calibration settings in garage...
  425. P55GT30 Viera Cast Audio Issues
  426. Help me pick my 55"
  427. Panasonic 50pz700u Problem???
  428. Why can computer monitors have more resolution than hdtvs?
  429. New Vizio, shaded horizontal line
  430. Took apart my Magnavox TV to fix now I need some help
  431. Westinghouse LVM-37W3SE Problem
  432. vt50 brightness vs. gt50 and st50
  433. Sony HX929 vs Panasonic VT50 for my specific requirements?
  434. Need Help On Which Of These To Buy!!
  435. Ready for a new TV
  436. N64 to Viera TX-P50X5
  437. Hello I am a owner of a UN46D6000SFXZA !! Love The TV!!
  438. Sony does not sell the 65 XBRs
  439. Looking to buy a new HDTV
  440. New Samsung LED UN60ES7100F - Bad Picture!
  441. 40" TV as monitor replacement
  442. Just bought my first 1080p hdtv, only displays @ 720p
  443. Need Help With Gaming HDTVs
  444. Thoughts on LG 32' 32DS560.
  445. Clouding or something else?
  446. First time flat screen buyer
  447. Can you run HDMI and Component from same box?
  448. Need some help with my TV and new surround sound
  449. No Audio from Laptop to Panasonic
  450. sanyo black waves
  451. Hp 50" pl5060n menu
  452. Picture breaking up and freezing.
  453. looking for best 42" tv i can buy for under $500
  454. Panasonic TH-58PX60U 7 Blink Codes
  455. Panasonic TC-L55ET5 55 inch
  456. Just bought a 60" Panasonic Viera P60GT50....thoughts?
  457. Avol 47" LCD picture issues
  458. Sony Bravia Picture Problem Solution?
  459. best screen for the money. lcd or led?
  460. dark vertical line in 3yr old Samsung 46in LCD
  461. Panasonic Plasma Shutting on and off repeatedly
  462. Samsung Repair technicians ruined my Samsung LN46A650A1FXZA
  463. Seeking to upgrade my 37" LCD TV for Blu-Rays, < $1000
  464. NEED HELP: Cant decide between these two LED TV's
  465. Sharp LCD tv LC 40C32U slow start up
  466. Anything better than useing 'Scrolling' Feature on samsung plasma
  467. JVC LT-37X688 LCD issue
  468. Need rec's for new TV
  469. Thoughts on LED/Plasma Decision
  470. Panasonic TC-P42X5 in need of color settings
  471. Panasonic TC-P42X5 questions
  472. Over analyzing or something else?
  473. powering up problems
  474. LG 50pv450 and Sony home theater problems.. help!
  475. LCD monitor
  476. Tinny sound on my Toshiba hdtv
  477. Panny VT50 vs. wt50
  478. Cable Box Resolution
  479. Panasonic #Th42ph9uk no startup.
  480. ST50 v. UT50
  481. My first LED, which do I buy?
  482. 65 inch LCD Sony is cheaper than Samsung??
  483. slide show on XBR
  484. best HDTV 37-50 inches?
  485. Problem with Vizio HDMI
  486. Final Decision
  487. Sharp Aquos LC-32D43U won't turn on then resetting works...
  488. Is this normal for an LED to do?
  489. Take on new LG plasmas
  490. Panny G15 plasma problem
  491. Help picking a 50" Plasma
  492. Help choosing a 32'' HDTV for bedroom
  493. Need help deciding which of these 3 plasmas to get
  494. Plasma Heat output
  495. A little help with a 50PA5500...?
  496. Plasma that doesn't reflect room light
  497. Contemplating new 46" LED
  498. ZOTAC DisplayPort to Dual-HDMI adapter: image jumps
  499. Help with a Plasma
  500. Recommend models for first HDTV purchase

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